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My car was in the shop recently and I asked a friend for a ride to go pick it up.  When he arrived to collect me I got in the car and was astounded by what I saw.  He had all of his multimedia plugged in separately with an iPod here and a DVD player there; some of the units were not connected, and so on.  I literally had to move everything so I had a place to sit.  My friend apologized for the... Read More

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I know this guy who is always at the gym when I go to workout and I think he needs to join Speeder’s Anonymous or something if there is such a group.  It seems like every time I talk to him he has gotten yet another speeding ticket. First, I told him he should get in the habit of slowing down and then I asked him why he doesn’t seal the deal with a radar detector that will provide added protection... Read More

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My nephew recent got nailed for speeding for the third time and he was about to lose his license when I suggested he get a radar detector.  He said that a few months back he was in the market trying to find a unit and he had read so many radar detector reviews that he ended up not purchasing anything because he was confused after reading about so many different models and features. I said I would... Read More

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