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A friend of mine first bought an HDTV several years back and at the time it was considered a state-of-the-art unit.  Technology changes so quickly that he was already looking to update his HDTV which was only a few years old.  One of his concerns was the amount of time and programming it took to set up his HDTV so he was looking for a unit that delivers the latest innovations in HDTV technology without... Read More

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My cousin recently contacted me because he knows that I am into reviewing and learning about the latest electronic technology on the market.  He just moved into an apartment and will be starting college soon and he asked me if I knew of a quality HDTV that was reasonably priced and would fit well in the limited space of his apartment.  He told me he went looking for an HDTV and got overwhelmed as... Read More

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A friend of mine was looking for an HDTV he could get as a gift for his brother who was still using a television from days gone by.  His television was quite antiquated and on my visit I discussed all the great features the new HDTVs offer and the benefits of upgrading.  Kind of set in his ways, he was hesitant and thought the technology was probably over his head.  I thought otherwise and being... Read More

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