Cell Phone Ratings – How Important Are They?
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Not all cell phones are created equal. In fact, you can easily end up with a cell phone that will not get reception where you live. It is incredibly frustrating to attempt to make a call from home, only to be without a signal.

You might think the obvious solution is to buy one of the major name brands. The problem with that is they occasionally come out with one that doesn’t live up to its potential. The truth is, when it comes to cell phones, good phones and bad phones come from all manufacturers. Thus, it is important to find out how good a cell phone is before you make a purchase.Cell phone ratings will help you avoid cellular disaster.

What to Look For

There are certain things you want out of cell phone reviews. You need a review that will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Thus, you should find a review site that gives you the specs of the phone, along with other information such as price. Also, find out important things like battery life and talk time. These are all important things that should influence your decision.

Watch out for sites that only want to tell you a phone is “great” or “bad.”While those are good things to know, you have to know why they are great or bad.

Where to Look

Before you purchase your next cell phone, take a look at one of the websites that offers cell phone ratings. First you can go to www.cnet.com. Cnet offers a comprehensive listing of different cell phones, what to expect with them, and how much they cost. They have editor and user reviews, so you can get the full scope of what to expect before you purchase a phone. They have all of the latest phones, along with a lot of the older models.

Cell phone ratings can also be found at www.mobilealmanac.com. Once there, you can browse through the latest cell phones on the market, find out about up and coming models, and also read the reviews. The reviewed phones are rated, so visitors can find out which phones are considered the best, along with the phones that are considered to be the worst.

Another site that will tell you everything you need to know is www.mobilemedia.com. With reviews and prices, you can get a good idea of what you want to purchase before you leave the site. That will help you have the information you need so you can go to your provider and get exactly what you want.

Where NOT to Look

When you are looking for cell phone ratings, you are better off going through a third party. You want a party that is not biased or affiliated with any cell phone company or manufacturer. Companies love their own products. You need that outside party before you make a purchase.

The Bottom Line

Cell phones are a great asset to have, but only if they work well. Be sure to visit the sites for reviews so you can find out how to get the best phone for your money. No matter if you want a phone that has a lot of extra features on it or you just want something with good reception, you will be able to find it by going to the review sites.


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