Free Fishing Games
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The beauty of the open water, the smell of the clean air and the anticipation of the big catch entice fishermen (and women) all over the world. While to some fishing seems like a boring sport, to the true outdoor enthusiasts it is the quiet that makes fishing so unique. Unfortunately, the weather does not always cooperate with the sportsman and they are left bored at home wishing they could be on the shores or in the water. Thanks to free fishing games, fishermen can experience the joy of getting the big one without having to battle the weather and insects. Because fishing is such a popular sport, free fishing games are among the most popular on the Internet and some websites only feature these games.

Can an online fishing game satisfy the sportsman’s need for adventure? Some of the games can. For example:

  • You can pick your catch. There are games that specialize in all types of fish—the trout, the crapper and even the big mouth bass. You may live in an area where bass or trout are not prevalent but you can find them in online games. Challenge yourself by catching something you have never done before. But with some games you need to watch out. Part of the skill level in some games involves catching the fish without catching the tin cans and other rubbish in the water. This is just like real life!
  • If you combine fishing with camping and need to catch your own dinner, you can experience that from your desk. The premise of some these games is the player must catch enough fish to survive.
  • Many fishermen pride themselves on how many fish they can catch, not the size of the catch. If that is your challenge, you can play games that allow you to advance to more levels based on the number of catches you make.
  • Do you prefer to fish on land or on the sea? Some free games allow you to steer a boat and toss your reel with your mouse. Even if you have never ventured onto a vessel, you may enjoy it so much you start looking out boats in “reel” life. Whether you are playing games that are landlocked or on the water, it’s the closest thing to being outdoors.

Most of the games will download to any computer. However, some require flash programs and others in order for the games to work. Be careful when agreeing to download software onto your computer. Also, keep in mind that nothing is ever really free. When on the websites for the free game, you will be bombarded with advertisements and maybe some popup advertisements. And some of the sites track visitors for marketing purposes. You may find spy ware the next time you check your computer. Keep this in mind when you are playing any “free game” on your home or office computer.

The next time Mother Nature keeps you from the water, try one of the many online free fishing games. Some of the best sites are or You may find tips to improve your skills the next time you head to the lake or ocean. And some of the games are very true to life! In fact, you may be “hooked!”


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