What Future iPods Can We Expect to See?
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Ever since Apple launched the iPod range back in 2001 they have proven to be a revelation for consumers. The high sales have allowed Apple to plough more money back into research and development. By listening to feedback from their customers Apple has developed more and more improvements with every release. iPods have grown smaller and they are now more feature rich than ever before. So what does the future hold for this popular range of devices?

There are constant rumours about future iPods and every technology website and publication out there would love to get an exclusive peek at the next generation. Truthfully we simply don’t know what Apple will decide to add next. They are masters of innovation and they keep their intentions secret in order to gain an edge over the competition. We are left to speculate about possible developments and the best we can do is take an educated guess.

The development of the iPhone was a huge deal for Apple and so it is not a big stretch of the imagination to suppose that they will continue to develop similar features for the iPod range. The iPod Touch is already quite similar to the iPhone and some people believe that this is a direction Apple will continue to go in.

The new range of iPod Touch and iPod Nano players is due to be launched in September of this year. One of the most persistent rumours suggests that they are planning to add a built-in camera. Most likely it would be a 2 megapixel camera like the one currently included in the iPhone.

Apple is also looking to add a video recording capability to the new generation of iPhones and this would be an interesting development. It seems to add credence to the idea that they may be considering camera additions for the iPod Touch and even the iPod Nano. Both devices already have photo viewing capabilities and Apple are set to develop more camera related applications for sale on the iPhone and the iPod range.

The new iPod Nano is apparently set to be fitted with a point and shoot digital camera and will also be redesigned to accommodate a larger screen. You can keep up to date with the latest rumours by reading the news on websites such as Apple Insider. They report on various sources and bring you news and rumours on all things relating to Apple and their products.

Fans of Apple enjoy speculating about possible new designs and the company certainly listens to their customers. If you’d like to see some concept mock ups submitted by fans you will find lots of galleries at the iLounge. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful designs and ideas for new features on show. These are concepts of future iPods created just for fun but you never know. Some of them may be close to Apple’s real plans for the future.

Another interesting rumour which may be something that Apple is exploring is the idea of having future iPods powered by the sun. They actually filed a patent to place solar panels behind the LCD screens in their portable devices. Motorola actually filed a similar patent and this is obviously something which is being researched. Whether it is a viable development remains to be seen but the potential is obvious and it would undoubtedly be popular with consumers.

More obvious developments which we can expect to see in new iPod devices are increased memory sizes, better LCD displays and smaller, sleeker designs. There are bound to be a few special surprises further down the line and we will just have to wait and see what innovations are in store.


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