Motion Activated Earbuds from Sony Ericsson
by Simon Hill

Sony Ericsson MH907These latest earbuds from Sony Ericsson offer a unique new design, although they aren’t quite as amazing as the marketing people seem to think. The basic idea is that you can stick them in your ear and the music will automatically start. Pull one out and the music will automatically stop. You can also use them to receive and end calls in the same way. Put the earbud in the call is answered, pull it out and you automatically hang up.

They are calling these earbuds “motion activated” and apparently they use Sony Ericsson technology dubbed “SensMe Control”. The body contact actually makes them work and apparently they need a conductive surface so there is no risk that squishing them in your pocket will activate the music.

There is no denying these earbuds are a great idea. No longer will you have to fish in your pocket or bag to turn your music off or find your phone to answer a call. The simplicity of the design is attractive and the price is pretty tempting too. These are due to go on sale for around $55 (€39). You can get them in chrome or you can go for the yellow and white variety.

Sadly you’re going to need a Sony Ericsson phone if you want to use them. That’s enough to scupper the deal for me, not to mention the earache earbuds cause. If you do use them, you have the right mobile phone and you fancy getting hold of these then check out the Sony Ericsson website for a demo and more information.

If they work well I’d expect to see the same technology being rolled out for a mass market set of headphones in the near future.


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