Pink Laptop
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For many women, everything is considered an accessory, including their cell phone and laptop. In recent years, pink laptop sales have soared as women look to have something different from their male counterparts. And while other colors are available, pink has become so popular that most major manufacturers now make a model in pink. Dell was the first to take the lead and offer a computer in this popular color. And any woman will tell you that pink does not come in just one shade. You can find laptops in metallic pink, a soft baby girl pink and flamingo pink—a color for ever tastes. But who are the biggest buyers of pink computers?

  • Teenage girls. Teenager girls have huge spending power and usually choose stylish accessories. A pink laptop computer was among the most popular requests during the 2008 Christmas season and is equally popular at Valentine’s Day. This computer is becoming as popular as the pink cell phones.
  • Breast cancer survivors and their supporters wear pink ribbons and many major manufacturers have designated portions of the laptop sales to breast cancer research. For survivors, the pink computer is about more than style.
  • Women who just want to make a statement purchase pink computers. Pink the favorite color of many women (and some men!) of all ages. Many women just purchase one because they like it!

Just because a laptop is pink, it doesn’t mean it is cheap and it is not a quality computer. Sony, Dell and other leading manufacturers all make a pink computer that is equal to the top of their line models. You can find them online at and or in your local electronics store.  In addition, you can find pink accessories for the laptop including:

  • The flash drive. Who wants to plug in a boring gray flash drive into their hot pink computer? You can purchase a pink flash drive that matches your laptop.
  • A fan. Fans are a must have to keep your laptop from over heating. If you don’t use a laptop table, you have probably felt the heat coming from your computer. The pink fan is stylish and practical!
  • The mouse. This is another example of taking a theme all the way. Some people don’t like to use the built-in laptop mouse and insist on buying a remote mouse. Why settle for one that doesn’t match? You can find pink accessories at most computer stores.
  • A carrying case. This is a given. The laptop carrying case is like another accessory for a woman. Having a laptop that doesn’t match the carrying case is like carrying a purse that doesn’t match your shoes! You can add some spice to your carrying case. Purchase one with polka dots. Match some of your favorite colors with a pink-striped carrying case.

Pink laptops and their accessories are more expensive than their less colorful counterparts. However if you know someone who just has to have a pink laptop, consider purchasing a laptop skin.  These inexpensive decorative items made of vinyl or plastic. You can purchase pink skins in a variety of materials including suede or you can make your own. Using a skin will give you the same pink effect without paying the more expensive price.


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