Sony Digital Camera Review Resources
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As one of the leaders in the digital camera world, Sony has literally dozens of options to choose from, even for the casual photographer. That’s where a sony digital camera review site can come in handy. With so many features, so many different functionalities and, frankly, so many price options, you’ll want to take a good look at your options before purchasing.

Of the many Sony digital camera review sites out there, one great place to start is Cnet. Here you’ll be able to compare and contrast 62 different Sony cameras. You also have the option to do a side-by-side comparison of specific models you select. So, if you want to know how many megapixels a certain camera has versus another camera, you don’t have to page through 60+ reviews – you can have the site do the work for you!

Another option for Sony digital camera reviews is Digital Camera HQ. Here, professionals and novice users alike have joined forces to provide comments on various cameras. In addition, the site includes details on features of the camera that the user should consider as part of the purchase decision.

Some of the factors you’ll want to look at in a Sony digital camera review include the following:

Megapixel specifications: The term “megapixel” is a measurement tool, representing how many bits of information the camera can “take in” for each picture. In general, the higher the megapixel rate the better the quality of the picture. Of course, this all depends on the size of the image. If you’re not going to be printing enormous images (say, larger than 5×7), then you don’t necessarily need a high number of megapixels. You might be better off going for a camera that has a lower number of megapixels, but does have other important features.

Ease of Use: In almost all cases with your camera, you’re going to need to connect the camera to your computer through a USB cable and upload pictures for sharing with family and friends. Be sure that the process is user-friendly (especially if you’re not so good with the technology) and that any drivers you’ll need to get for your computer to recognize the camera are easily available.

Zoom functions: Most cameras include a zoom capability (i.e., with the press of a button you can move the lens closer to or further away from your image). Most consumer digital cameras have an optical zoom anywhere from 2X to 12X, meaning you can get, for example, four times closer to your image without moving. Some also include a lower “digital zoom.” In this case, the zoom function is not physical –- the lens doesn’t move – the image is just narrowed in on digitally. Zoom functions may be important to people doing more specialized photography – for the vacation photographer a 3X optical zoom is just fine.

Autofocus vs. Manualfocus: Most cameras provide some sort of autofocus mechanism and for the casual user that’s often enough. For more serious photographers, the option of a manual focus will allow them to alter the focus for different parts of the image as they wish.

With so many Sony cameras out there, these Sony digital camera review sites will be a welcome tool for sorting out your options.


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