Best Gadgets of 2019

Making a gift can quickly become a puzzle. Lacking in ideas? Here is the most complete and Best list of high-tech tips in 2019. Designed by professional and independent journalists, you will inevitably find the right approach to offer, the ultimate gadget. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find something for yourself, too. Here’s a list of the top high-tech gifts of the moment.

Whether or not you are passionate about new technologies and gadgets, there is bound to be a high-tech gift in 2019 that will please the person you want to give it to. Whatever your budget, from 5 to 5000 euros, we have collected the 100 best high-tech items cheap and high-end of the moment. Birthday, wedding, party, Christmas 2019 or just for fun, our selection of high tech products are suitable for all tastes and all ages. Adult, teen, child, woman, man, no one is left behind.

  1. Rhino Valley: the portable and inflatable solar lamp

Very light compact, the Rhino Valley Solar lamp will follow you everywhere. At the campsite, in the countryside, on a hike more than just a gadget, this little lamp quickly becomes indispensable when you travel outside the areas of city comforts. Add to that that it recharges via a small solar panel and is impermeable. It takes up very little space in the bag because it inflates and deflates via a small valve, precisely like a buoy at the beach.

  1. Flintronic: the wallet that blocks the RFID of your credit card

It is a beautiful little wallet that blocks the electromagnetic waves that could affect your credit card. This way, your CB stays safe, without being able to withdraw money from you via the contactless card system.

  1. Mpow 3 in 1: the camera lens kit of smartphone lenses

This kit is universal to all phones. Three lenses to affix to your lenses are available, 180° fisheye lens, wide-angle 0.65 X, and 10x macro lens. The fisheye effect allows obtaining a result close to GoPro as if one looks through the peephole of a door. The wide-angle makes it possible to enlarge. The macro impact turns your smartphone into a microscope.

  1. TP-Link: the socket that makes your home (and you too) smart)

The TP-Link socket is one of the best gifts you can give a friend. You have no idea how much this little high-tech gadget makes your life easier. It can be controlled via a smartphone application, but also via the voice assistants Alexa and Google. It’s simple, via a simple form, you control all the objects that are fed to a socket. A tiny object that radically changes your home life.

  1. POWERUP 2.0: paper hanger with motor

Who hasn’t dreamed of giving an engine to their little paper plane? Power Up did it. It is a small system placed on its homemade paper plane so that it becomes a real airplane/drone to control from its smartphone through an application to download. An excellent gadget to offer.