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Cloe, Jade, Shash and Yasmin—these four names have caused little girls to scream for more than five years. The popularity of the original Bratz dolls have led to a movie, DVDs and Bratz games. Since the debut of the original four girls in 2001, the line has been extended to include boy characters and even Bratz pets. The sales of the dolls are not quite as high as the timeless Barbie but sales have been close in some markets.

The online games offer young girls a chance to participate in several activities along with their favorite Bratz characters. Most of these sites are free and safe for children, giving parents a great alternative for an activity on blah day. Game sites that offer games with Cloe, Jade, Shash and Yasmin are www.dailydressupgames.com and www.girlsgames247.com. Some of the Bratz games include:

  • Bratz Makeover. This game can be found on several websites and in many different forms. You can do a complete makeover of your favorite character from the hairstyle to the outfit and accessories. Or you can just experiment with different hairstyles. This is a fun way for young girls to play “dress up” without making a mess in their room!
  • Bratz Fashion Designer. Design an outfit for you favorite character with this game. For girls that have a flair for design and color, this is a perfect game. This could set the stage for a future career in fashion for a young girl.
  • Give your pony a makeover. This game seems to be “Bratz Meets My Little Pony.” Create a dream horse for Cloe, Jade, Sasha or Yasmin. You can even style the “ponytail.” This game has vibrant colors and a fun theme.
  • It may be difficult to imagine one of the girls in the kitchen, but many games involve cooking. Given the slim figure of the Bratz, it is unlikely that any of them have had a hot dog. However, in “Hot Dog Bush,” the girls are challenged to creat hot dogs using a variety of ingredients. Other cooking games are available.
  • Do you like jewels? Play Bratz diamonds and learn win sparkling accessories for any outfit. This can include rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
  • Do you need a bigger challenge? Do the “mall crawl” with the Bratz characters. There are many different versions of this game, which is not surprising since the mall is where the Bratz love to hang out!

The Bratz dolls have been criticized for giving girls an unfair picture of what a girl should look like. This is the same criticism that has been levied at Barbie. Still parents allow their girls to play the Bratz games because they are free of obscenities and violence. Compared to other games, these are relatively safe for kids to play without parental supervision.

The fate of the games is largely unknown. In 2008, Matel sued the maker to Bratz saying the creator of the Bratz dolls was working for them when the concept was developed. A judge agreed and ordered that the manufacturer pull the dolls off the shelf after the 2008 holiday season. Whether the injunction will remain is in the hands of the court. The judge did not rule on the online Bratz games so it is likely they will be available for girls to enjoy.