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If you arrived at this page then you must be tired of reaching to a certain stage of your game without breaking through to the next level. In addition you probably want to reach the top of your gaming league and beat your friends score.

Well, you’ve come to the right spot, we can help. Without knowing the exact cheats you require, we have searched the Internet for cool and effective websites offering cheats for ps2 and Xbox games. Some are practical while others are a bit more advanced but that won’t be a problem for a serious gamer like you now would it.

So let’s get straight into the top websites featuring cheats for PS2 and Xbox games…..Enjoy!

A Plus Cheats

This site is quite straight forward to navigate. Simply choose your gaming platform, then choose the first letter of the game you require the cheat for and all games beginning with that letter would be displayed. Next choose your game and enjoy the cheats.

What is good about this site is that if you join, you can add your own cheats so the list just keeps getting bigger and better.

Cheat Planet

This website navigates pretty much like the one listed above and you would find that most of the cheat websites do. You choose your gaming platform and then your game from the alphabetical list. The second time I visited this page, I tried choosing a game from the ‘A’ category but the page just would not load. Maybe it was being updated or something, but be warned, this page is a bit temperamental.

Super Cheats

There were no problems getting into this site whatsoever. Immediately you are presented with a choice of gaming platforms. What I liked is that the most popular games are listed first, followed by the alphabetical game list. Even when you choose a letter, the most popular list remains at the top for easier navigation across the page.

Super cheats list all the games under your chosen letter in a table and tells you if a cheat is available or not. Super Cheats also has links to latest news, questions etc. It’s like gaming heaven.

Xbox Cheats

The first page of this site is very simple to find your way around. Because only Xbox games are featured, you only need to scroll down the page to find your game under the relevant alphabet letter. When its time to find your cheat it gets a bit more interesting. If you choose ‘Need for speed underground’ as your game, you are then taken to a new page listing various types of cheats to choose from. You have options such as ‘Easy drift points’ and ‘unlock cars’ etc.

Overall not a bad site even though it is a bit bland and there are no options to upload or add your own cheats.


At first glance this site seemed quite easy to navigate, I clicked on Xbox in the first line, then ‘Cheats’ in the second line and there was a search box followed by the usual alphabet list. When I clicked on the individual letters nothing happened. This was a bit strange; I expected a full list of games beginning with the letter A to appear…no such luck.

With this site you must enter the title of your game in order to get to the cheats. The cheats are pretty good however; you just have to keep skipping an annoying advert that keeps appearing between page navigation. Never the less another good cheat site.

The above list features some of the more user friendly and cheat packed websites. Because the navigation is pretty much the same across these types of pages, I have listed the other cheat pages with a brief description.

Xbox Cheat Codes

Pretty awesome website


No Alphabetical listing, but still has a good list of games.

Under Ground Online

You need to navigate through some adverts but when you get to the cheats; they are listed first by platform then in alphabetical order.

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