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Once you’ve invested in an iPod, whether a Nano, Video iPod or even iPhone, you’ll want to protect that purchase. But don’t settle for a boring old case without any flair. There are numerou cool iPod cases available, boasting everything from faux fur to brushed
metal to neoprene. As you are considering options, keep some important points in mind:

What is your main purpose? Are you looking to protect your case from the occasional fall or bump? Or do you want a case that will change the look and feel of your iPod with some cool iPod cases that will turn heads? If the former, you should look for options that include shock resistance and scratch protection. If the latter, there are numerous options for choosing a case that will help you accessorize every outfit and mood.

Case profile: Some cases seek to retain the sleek profile of the iPod by limiting attachments and bulk. These are usually made of neoprene or rubber and fit closely around the device. Others focus less on the profile of the device and simply provide a safe (and often highly unique) place to keep your iPod safe.

Ease of Use: If you plan to use your iPod while it is in its case, you’ll want to select something that gives you access to all the controls and the headphone jack. Many cool iPod cases will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the iPod without taking it out of its case. If your case is more for safe carrying and transportation, and you know that you’ll generally be using it out of its case, different options are available.

Do you want the case to do anything else? Many cool iPod cases come with speakers, stands and waterproof covers that will provide more capacity for your iPod. In essence, these cases will extend the capabilities of your device in whole new ways.

Once you’re able to answer these questions, it’s time to track down your cool iPod cases! One terrific resource is the Squidoo iPod case site, where you can find cases from the ridiculous (like the furry friends case) to the sublime, like Griffin’s Disko case, complete with flashing lights.

You’ll also want to check out the Apple store’s accessories page, where cases come with speakers, armbands and other important accoutrements.Although these options may not be as creative as some of the cool ipod cases out there, at least you know your device will fit properly!

Want your case personalized? Check out Pacific Designs, where you can have your case customized with your name or initials. What about protective stickers for your iPod? Hundreds of cool designs from iSlickers.com will change the look of your device while keeping its slim and trim profile.

Or, want a case that costs more than your iPod? Valentino’s crystal trim MP3 case may be just the ticket. At an initial retail price of $840, you’ll probably be more concerned about losing your cool ipod case than you would be about losing your iPod!

Another option is Kiwami Studio’s Titanium (that’s right, titanium) Nano case. At about the same price, you’ll be investing over 5 times as much as the device costs for the case. Of course, if you have to ask how much these cool ipod cases cost, you probably can’t afford them.

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