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After weeks of waiting you’ve finally got your Wii system and tons of fun Wii games. Now, to ensure you continue to enjoy the system, you might want to learn how to copy wii games for backup purposes. Fortunately, there are many sites that will get you on your way.

But wait, before you start thinking about copying your friends’ games or buying copied games, remember that it is illegal to copy wii games for these purposes. If you adopt any of the techniques discussed on these sites, your copies must be for backup purposes only – not only is it illegal to “pirate” video games, but, frankly, it’s not fair to the video game designers, right?

So with that out of the way, following are some sites that will help you copy wii games for backup purposes:

  • This article at ConsoleSource.com provides step-by-step directions on the process of backing up your games. It points out that you’ll need certain resources, including a wii Mod Chip as well as one of a certain brand of DVD-ROMs. It also provides details on the kinds of software you’ll need to undertake the copying process through your computer system.
  • Another article providing similar information can be found at AfterDawn.com. Note that this article points out that each game can take up to 2.5 hours to copy – so bear this in mind if you’re in a hurry!

For anyone seeking to know a bit more about the details of backing up wii games, there is an extensive tutorial at the Wii Lens on Squidoo. Here you’ll learn how to modify your wii system so that it can play homebrewed games and applications. In addition, you’ll access details on how to copy wii games using downloadable software and certain DVD recorders. The article also offers a great explanation of the wii mod chip (if you’re wondering, it’s a chip that allows you to play imported and homebrew discs.) Oh, and it will tell you how to dismantle your wii system (just in case you’re that irritated with it!)

Now, if you find these processes somewhat cumbersome, you might want to explore some of the paid software options, such as Game Copy Pro, which retails for around $30. The developers claim that their software will allow the user to simply copy wii games from one disc to the other with minimum fuss. In addition, users of Game Copy Pro gain access to a support database as well as a game download database.

As you’re considering how to copy wii games, ignore those who suggest that you can “rent games and copy them.” Copyright violations are serious business – not only are they unfair to other gamers who purchase the system legally, but they are not fair to those who create the games. Plus, they could land you in jail! If you decide to copy wii games, use them only for backup purposes just in case your original game gets scratched or cracked.

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