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Questions related to How To Create iPod Playlists come across quite a lot and these questions were the inspiration for the following ‘How To  Create iPod Playlists‘ guide.

Playlists are compilations of songs and videos that are created for many different reasons.  They can include podcasts, videos, audio books and even links to Internet stations.

Because there are different versions of iTunes, iPods and computer systems I will try to incorporate as many options for creating your iPod Playlists as possible. No matter which software or hardware you use, you’ll be able to find a solution that works.

Due to time and space and in order to give you the most comprehensive instructions possible the best option in this particular case will be to provide guided links for you to follow.

All Playlists must be created in iTunes before your iPod can be updated to reflect the changes.  Let’s look at the types of Playlist you can create and then how to create iPod Playlists.

The two main types are Standard Playlists and Smart Playlists.

Standard Playlists

With the Standard Playlist you control which songs make the list.  After creating and naming your Playlist
you have to manually choose files from your library and drag and drop them into your Standard Playlist.

General Instructions

From the File menu, choose New Playlist. Give your Playlist a name in the Source list. Then drag songs from your library to the Playlist icon to add them. To change the play order, select the Playlist in the Source list, select a song, and drag it to the desired place.

Smart Playlists

With a Smart Playlist everything is done automatically for you, all you need to do is set the parameters and iTunes will update your Playlist with the songs in your library that fit your criteria e.g. Songs by a particular artist or no more than 2 gigabytes in size or Pop songs.

The following links show you how to create iPod Playlists using Windows and Mac.

Create Smart Playlists With iTunes Mac 7.0

Create Smart Playlists With iTunes Mac 7.1

Create Smart Playlists With iTunes For Windows 7.0

Create Smart Playlists With iTunes For Windows 7.1

Party Shuffle or Live Mix Playlists

This type of Playlist is created from randomly selected songs in your library or a Playlist.

Create A Party Mix With iTunes Mac 7.0

Create A Party Mix With iTunes Mac 7.1

Create A Party Mix With iTunes For Windows 7.0

Create A Party Mix With iTunes For Windows 7.1

The information provided above should be exactly what you need in order to create iPod Playlists.

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