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If you are searching for a way to decode mp3 files then you’ll be glad to know there are several mp3 decoders available. Depending on the features you are after there are completely free basic options which you can download and there are programs which provide additional features for a small fee.

The purpose of an mp3 decoder is to allow you to decode mp3 files into another format so that you can edit or burn them onto a CD. By converting your mp3 files to an uncompressed format such as wav you will be able to play them on your CD player at home or in the car.

Basic mp3 decoders which you can download for free will generally have limited options and will only support a small range of formats. However this is enough to meet the needs of most people. Unless you are dealing with obscure formats or need to change the bit rate or the frequency of files then a freeware program should give you everything you need.

One of the most popular freeware options is the Free Mp3 Wma Converter. This handy piece of software can actually convert mp3 files to wav, wma or ogg formats and it can also encode mp3 files so you can convert wav, wma or ogg files to mp3 format. It is very easy to use and the simple interface allows you to drag and drop files onto the open application window, tweak your settings and output format and hit the start button to convert files. You can also stack up a range of files and then convert the entire batch in one go which is convenient.

You could opt to go for a program with more options such as Blaze Media Pro which is actually a solution for video and audio formats. It allows you to rip CDs and DVDs and convert the files to various formats. You can decode mp3 files and you can also set the conversion frequency, the channels and the bit rate. Queuing up batches of files to convert is quick and easy and the application is very easy to use. It also offers the option to burn CDs and DVDs and the nifty CD converter module dynamically downloads track and artist information to use when you convert files. If you are really interested in editing any of your audio files the full feature version has a wide range of options allowing you to cut and edit audio tracks, add fades and amplify. The application costs $50 but for a complete audio and video ripper, converter and burner it may suit people looking for a simple and straightforward solution as it will save you from having to use multiple programs.

If you are looking to decode mp3 files there are a few things worth bearing in mind. The mp3 format is a lossy format. It uses compression and so when an mp3 is originally made from an uncompressed file in order to compress the data there is some data loss. This means that when you decode an mp3 and convert it back to an uncompressed format it will not be the original level of quality. Uncompressed audio files can be huge so this compression was an important development to allow portable mp3 players to hold a decent amount of music. Your best guide to the sound quality of an mp3 is actually the bit rate. The usual bit rate for an mp3 file is 128Kbps which is a good compromise between size and quality.

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