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Remember the days when digital cameras were really rare and expensive?  Well times are definitely changing.  These days, you can actually buy a digital camera, something like Sakar’s Digital Concepts Camera, for under 20 dollars.

If you’re just experimenting with digital photography, don’t want to do anything more than point and shoot, and aren’t planning to download many pictures for others to view, something like the digital concepts camera might be a good place to start, depending on your needs.  Of course, if you’re expecting a lot of bells and whistles this probably isn’t the camera for you. Some people have had less-than-stellar experiences with battery life and picture quality.

Fortunately, there are other options for inexpensive cameras that provide decent pictures, are easy to use and are only slightly more expensive than the digital concepts camera.  If your need for a camera is limited to the occasional photographs of special events or vacations, an easy-to-use, inexpensive “point and shoot” camera, with limited options for different “modes” of picture taking, would work well for you.

As you’re considering which way to go, one of the most important factors to consider is the “megapixel” count.  The term mega pixel refers to the element in which the camera captures pictures.  Photographs are captured in tiny bits called “pixels,” and a “megapixel” is equal to one million pixels.  For cameras, generally speaking, the more megapixels the better the quality of the image.  When comparing two cameras that are in all other respects equal, you should strive to get the most megapixels for your money.

But megapixels aren’t the only factor to consider.  Other options in looking at an inexpensive camera, such as the digital concepts camera, include whether or not the camera includes a “zoom” feature, how easy it is to get pictures off the camera on to your computer, the clarity of the digital view screen (so you can see the pictures you’re taking) and the type and life of the battery system.  Be sure your camera has batteries that you can get easily and know how to change as some cameras won’t hold any pictures in memory if the battery fails.

Some of the brands that might fit your criteria for a very low-end but still workable camera includeArgus and Vivitar.  Both offer cameras for under $40.  But remember, you get what you pay for.  Picture quality in such an inexpensive camera is simply not going to be very good and you may find that uploading pictures to your computer is not quite as easy as you’d like.  That said, these alternatives can be another place to start if you’re thinking about something along the lines of a digital concepts camera.

If you are willing to spend a little more (say, up to $100), the possibilities become far more appetizing.  Both Kodak’s popular “Easy Share” line as well as Polaroid offer several options that won’t break the budget, but will allow you the luxury of a well known brand name with a reputation to maintain.

And, of course, the digital concepts camera is always an option, especially if you’re not yet ready to invest in something higher quality.  But try to think of it as a “starter” camera – you’ll have much better pictures (and much more fun) if you’re able to spend a little more.

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