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My friend and I were recently cruising on the local expressway when I looked in my review mirror to see flashing lights. Needless to say I all of a sudden felt this pit deep down in my stomach.  I hoped that if I pulled over the police car would pass me but no such luck.  I got nailed for speeding the second time and I knew he was going to tell me that I am on the edge of losing my license not to mention my insurance bill going up.  I knew I had to do something because I am never aware that I am speeding until it is too late so I started looking at radar detectors.

I wasn’t sure if they actually worked until I started investigating different models and reading radar detector reviews which led me to the Escort Passport 8500 Radar Detector.  I found that it has some great features for everyday driving and detecting radar points on the expressway which make it one of the best radar detectors on the market.  Here is an Escort Passport Radar Detector review of what I found:

escort passport 8500

No False Alarms

I read in the reviews that a lot of radar detectors constantly give off false alarms.  What I liked about this unit is that if you hear the beep you better pay attention to it because it is accurate.  The range if exceptional thanks to digital signal processing and the unit gives you enough warning so you can slow down before you enter the speed trap.  It is also capable of detecting a signal that is coming from the other side of the hill so if the police car is hiding behind a hillside you can rely on the Escort Passport 8500 to alert you.

Multi-Source Expert Mode

This feature is really awesome because it is capable of monitoring more than one signal at a time.  For example, some traffic lights have sensors that will detect when a car is waiting at the light.  With the older model radar detectors the sensor on the light could interfere with the signal of a police car waiting somewhere on the other side.  The Escort Passport 8500 will alert you to both signals with no problem.

This expert radar detection is the result of three high resolution meter modes which include the standard bar graph, ExpertMeter, and the new SpecDisplay.  If you use the ExpertMeter mode the unit will detect band and signal strength on up to 8 radar signals.  The new SpecDisplay reveals the specific frequency of the radar signal.

Easy Programming

The Escort Passport 8500 is very easy to set up and program despite the fact that is has some very techie features.  Once you remove it from the box and activate it you are walked through the steps of programming and configuration.  With the EZ-Programming feature you can easily customize the device to suit your needs and it is very compatible with the Escort ZR4 Laser Shifter, a radar jammer, which provides you with improved protection against speed traps.

Low-Frequency POP Radar Detection

One of the features you must look for in a good radar detector is its ability to use the latest technology to keep up with the most recent developments in radar guns.  The Escort Passport 8500 is able to detect low-frequency POP radar.

POP is a technology that was developed to help conquer radar detectors.  When the radar gun is placed in POP mode, the device will give off a brief burst of energy to rapidly measure the speed of your car and then it will immediately retreat into standby mode displaying the speed reading.  The action occurs so quickly that most radar detectors cannot pick it up.  The Escort Passport 8500 offers POP radar detection which helps you to win the battle between radar detectors and the most recent radar guns.


The Passport 8500 is quite easy to install in your vehicle.  It has a windshield mounting system that utilizes a suction cup system so you can easily remove the unit for use in other vehicle.  You can also buy an optional visor unit if you wish to hide the unit on the visor away from view.

Escort Passport 8500 Blue vs. Red

When you investigate the Escort Passport 8500 you will find that there are two versions on this unit.  One unit is deigned with a blue display while the other unit has a red display.  The Escort Passport 8500 blue is a little more expensive than the model with red display.  The two products are basically identical with the exception of the difference in color of the LED display.  The reviews that I read mention that the price difference simply has to do with supply and demand.

I was also very surprised by the comprehensive accessories that come with the Escort Passport 8500.  This handy little unit is accompanied by a complete owner’s manual which describes all of the Passport 8500 features, quick-release windshield mount, built-in earphone jack, quick reference guide and a nifty travel case.  When you add up all of the features of the Escort Passport it comes out to the best radar detector you can find for the money.  The unit retails for around $300 but I shopped around and found an unbeatable deal here

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