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Once you get your new blackberry, the first step you have to go through is deciding how to dress it up. You want software, wallpaper, themes and games. While you could get out your wallet and start shopping, you don’t really want to pay for downloads after you just paid for the blackberry.

In an effort to save money, many people consider free blackberry downloads. Free downloads sound promising. After all, who doesn’t want to save some money? Many people wonder, though, what they will get with free blackberry downloads and if the downloads are worth it.

The Good

  • As the popularity of the blackberry grows, so does the availability of free blackberry downloads. Now, most downloads can be found free of charge. That means there are a great deal of choices when looking for downloads. You can get wallpaper, games, different software and themes. You can give your blackberry a complete makeover without spending any money at all.
  • Almost everything you could pay for is available for free. Thus, it makes sense to give the free blackberry downloads a try before you take out your wallet.
  • The downloads will enhance your blackberry. If you really want the most out of your new toy, you need to get some downloads for it. You will find your phone can do much more than you imagined. Plus, with the themes and wallpaper, you can make it look even better than it does out of the box.

The Bad

  • You have to watch out of the malicious sites out there. Some sites that offer free blackberry software have anything but good intentions. When you download from them, you could end up with an infected PC.

Downloading Tips

First, check the compatibility of the download with your phone. Make sure you know the type of blackberry you have before you start a download. Some downloads will not work with all phones.

Also, make sure your antivirus software is up and running. While there are several great download sites out there, you will always find scams online. Thus, protect yourself with your antivirus software. Also, keep an eye out for sites that look suspicious. You can usually spot a fake download site. If it does not look legitimate, it probably is not.

The Bottom Line

Downloads are the best way to get the full use out of your blackberry. Since there are so many free downloads available, it makes sense to try out the free downloads first. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can then move to the paid downloads. However, at least give the free ones a try.

When you browse through the free downloads, take your time and find the ones that will enhance your blackberry. There are many downloads that will turn your device into the phone you have always dreamed of.

Remember, these downloads are not for the sole purpose of giving you a great phone. They are actually designed to give you a fun and useful gadget. Your blackberry can do so much more than make and receive phone calls, and with the right software you will get to experience the many things it can do.

Useful Sites

If you want to find blackberry downloads that are available free of charge, you can go to:




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