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Now that everyone has abandoned their “regular” phones (you remember those devices you used to keep in your home that actually attached to (gasp!) a wall?), the need for a free cell phone lookup directory has become even more pronounced. No longer can you look in the white pages for a friend’s number, particularly if that friend communicates exclusively through his or her cell device.

At the same time, one of the advantages of a cell phone is the fact that there is no free cell phone lookup capacity. The user has a great deal more control over who gets their phone number. In short, cell phones offer freedom from the pesky telemarketing and nuisance calls that come with the listing of phone numbers in a directory. And, since we pay for every call that comes in to or goes out of the phone, it makes sense that we, the consumer, would have more control over who can reach us.

That said, how can you track down friends and family who may have, umm, neglected to give you their number? That’s where a free cell phone lookup directory would come in handy. While such a thing doesn’t really exist, there are a few options to consider for finding cell phone numbers on the web.

When considering your options for free cell phone lookup, you first need to figure out whether you need to find the number of a certain individual (a “cell phone lookup”) or whether you have a phone number and need to know who that number belongs to (a “reverse cell phone lookup”). This information will impact the type of search you undertake.

To start, the absolutely best place to begin that will, in many cases, help you find your answer, is Google. That’s right, Google. I use this technique all the time when those mysterious numbers show up on my cell phone. Rather than call the person back with one of those “umm, I don’t know you but you called me” messages, I simply type the number into Google and see what pops up. Nine times out of ten I find out who it was. For a regular cell phone look-up, you can type in the name you’re looking for and the word “cell.” You’ll be surprised at how many people have their cell phone numbers listed somewhere on the web.

In terms of free cell phone lookup directories, if you are willing to include your cell phone number in a growing database, try the National Cellular Directory. Through this site, the “fee” for free cell phone or reversal cell phone lookup is the release of your own cell phone number. Of course, you always run the risk that the number you’re looking for won’t be on the database. In fact, this is a very real risk, seeing as the vast majority of cell phone users have not included their number on this site.

If you need to get just basic information about a number (i.e., general location and whether the number you have is a cell or landline), you can try www.nonpublished.com. Here you can enter any phone number for free and learn whether it’s a cell phone or landline as well as what area of the country the phone is based in. Unfortunately, more information (like names and addresses) requires registration and a fee.

Another resource is SearchDetective. Here you can look up numbers either by name or number and will generally be able to get the information. However, it is NOT free, costing $14.95 per number. Hence, this site should be reserved for those circumstances when you absolutely MUST be able to track someone down – and are willing to shell out a little cash.

Clearly, we have a ways to go before unmitigated free cell phone lookup is a reality. But, actually that might be a good thing! Bear in mind that your cell phone number can be a pretty personal piece of information. Imagine having it in the wrong hands and having to deal with dozens of obtrusive calls – and the frustration of having to change my number? Arrgh, I don’t want to even think about it!

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