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One of the best things about a video iPod is, well, watching videos! At the same time, the selection of videos available from iTunes, while extensive, may not include all of your favorites. And what’s the point of buying videos on iTunes that you may already have on DVD? This is where a free DVD to iPod converter might come in handy.

Why is this kind of software necessary? Easy. Because the types of video files that are on DVDs are not compatible with the types of video files that one can play on one’s iPod. The formats for these files need to be what’s known as “MP4 or MPEG 4.” Hence, if you want to view your vast DVD collection on your iPod, you’ll need a free DVD to iPod converter.

The key here? “If you want to view YOUR vast DVD collection…” Do not use these techniques to convert and view DVDs that you do not own. That’s illegal. Before embarking on any of these converting processes you’ll want to double check on the copyright laws of your country. In the US, for example, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act prohibits certain uses of free DVD to iPod converters. Be sure that your materials are unlocked and open for conversion. Using any product to decrypt your DVDs and utilize them in a way incompatible with copyright laws can put you in a load of hot water.

Once you’re sure that converting your DVDs is allowed under law, you can start uploading your favorites into your library. There are many valuable articles out there that provide a step-by-step overview of the process. For example, check out the overviews available at AfterDawnMethod ShopVideora or Engadget. Each describes methods that will help your computer read your DVDs files, change them over to the files that your iPod can understand and load them in to your iTunes library.

Note that while these options for a free DVD to iPod converter are, indeed, free, some might find them a bit cumbersome for everyday use. If you’ll be converting a number of DVDs to iPod, you might want to consider some not-so-free products that may provide you with increased functionality and ease-of-use. These include MP4 Converter SoftwareCucusoft and Amadis. All can be downloaded for a free trial before deciding whether to purchase and range from $29.95 to $49.95. Reviews of a range of available DVD to iPod software products are available atTopReviews

Besides the copyright issues, what is the main thing to remember about free DVD to iPod converters? Ease of use and speed will be a major determining factor in how comfortable you become in shifting your DVD collection to your iPod. The free DVD to iPod converters are likely a great place to start out – but you may find that a low cost software package will provide you with increased flexibility and functionality. After all, what’s the use of all the fabulous storage and the great screen on your video iPod if you’re not using it?

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