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If you enjoy playing games and have a pocket PC device like an iPAQ then you will be glad to know that there are loads of places on the internet where you can download free iPAQ games. There are all sorts of games available from basic puzzle and card games to clones of old arcade classics.

Although many websites claim to have a list of free games they frequently suggest games which require you to pay a fee, so finding actual free games for your iPAQ can be a bit of a chore. This article will point you to a few places where you can find genuinely free games.

Perhaps the biggest list of free iPAQ games can be found at Softplatz. There are 150 games available for you to download. They are all certified free of spyware or malware which is very important. The only drawback is that most of the games are very simple flash efforts with simple 2D graphics and basic old school game-play. If you want to play something a bit more involved or in depth on your iPAQ then you might have to consider shelling out some cash.

A great place to check out for free iPAQ games is Click Gamer. You’ll find a wide range of games available in various categories although the website also stocks low price games. If the game is free then you’ll see it clearly stated along with details about the game-play and sometimes screenshots as well.

This Software Archive lists free iPAQ games although once again there are a few low cost options mixed in. Just look for games with Cost: Free and you’ll see there are some interesting options. While you will find the usual blend of puzzle games and clones of arcade classics there are also a few more in depth options here which look well worth a try.

Ball Shooter is another website which offers a range of free iPAQ games. There are clones of arcade classics like Tetris, PacMan and Breakout alongside card games and quizzes. The site has a mixture of freeware and shareware

If you take a look on Program URL you will find a big list of iPAQ games although the vast majority are shareware. There are still a few freeware options in there but as usual the free game are very basic and mostly fall into the flash or puzzle game category.

Pocket Gear is a large website worth checking out and it carries quite a few freeware games which stand out from the crowd, including a 3D first-person shooter which challenges you to rescue some prisoners of war from German cities, a port of the classic Wolfenstein 3D and a range of driving and sports games.

When it comes to free games you have to accept a reduction in quality over releases with a price tag. Games development is a costly business and the latest releases with stunning graphics and engaging game-play are always going to cost substantial amounts of money. However there are plenty of free and shareware options out there which are a little rough around the edges in terms of visuals but still manage to include some fairly addictive game-play. Just make sure when you are downloading free games that the software is virus free and not bundled with spyware or you could be in for a nasty surprise.

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