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If you have an iPAQ device are you sure that you are getting all you can out of it? A quick search on the internet will reveal plenty of free iPAQ software. There are programs and utilities for all sorts of purposes. You can enjoy books or games on your iPAQ, you can listen to the radio, use it as an alarm or calculator, organize your finances or even check the weather. So what are you waiting for? Check out some of the possibilities in this article.

Your first stop when you buy a new iPAQ should be iPAQ Choice. This is an official website which includes all sorts of products for your iPAQ. Some have even been developed by Hewlett Packard themselves and custom designed for the device. The website also features a range of quality software and accessories from other manufacturers.

The software costs points and you will have to register for the website however new iPAQ devices all have a voucher number on the back of the brochure which will give you 4 points free of charge. 4 Points is enough to download some good free iPAQ software so make sure you take advantage of this offer.

There are a few websites which claim to be dedicated to freeware downloads for pocket PCs. There is Pocket PC Soft and Freeware PPC and both of them contain some useful free software, utilities and games. However they are far from the most user friendly websites in the world and it can be tricky to find what you are looking for amidst the adverts.

Pocket PC Soft is probably the better of the two as it includes clear categories and there are literally thousands of pieces of software to browse through. You’ll find an extensive list of games as well as categories for finance, music, e-books, navigation and travel, sport and hobbies, the list just goes on and on. Unfortunately some of the software has a price tag but there are plenty of free programs on offer so just have a browse.

Some people may find it difficult to identify what free iPAQ software they want. If you don’t have a specific task in mind you can spend ages browsing through websites unsure of what to download. Why not let someone else do the hard work for you and check out a recommended list of great applications to download.

You may also be unsure what software will actually work on your iPAQ device and this information is not always clearly signposted. Try searching on Brothersoft where you can select individual iPAQ models and see what software is available for each one. The link will take you to a software search for the HP iPAQ h3870.

When you are downloading free iPAQ software you should always check that it comes from a reputable website. With free downloads there is often a risk that the program will be bundled with spyware or malware so take precautions. Since the software is often developed by amateurs you may find a lack of documentation and since it is distributed for free you will find there is no technical support. Do your best to ensure that the software you download will actually work on your device before you attempt to install it. If you can find comments from other iPAQ users discussing their experiences with a piece of software then take advantage and read them carefully. Most of the websites offering free iPAQ software have ratings systems so use them to judge what is worth downloading.

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