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OK, so you finally caved in and bought an iPod. Or perhaps you’ve had one for a long time, but are tired of actually paying for music. Either way, you’re itching to have some new sounds coming out of those white earphones – but you aren’t looking to drop any more cash. It might be time to check out the manyfree music downloads for iPod available all over the Internet.

Of course, one of the first places you might begin to explore free music downloads for your iPod is at the website or MySpace page of one of your favorite artists. In many cases, artists will allow members of their fan club or frequent visitors to their site to download old favorites or upcoming singles. Just Google your favorite band and visit their official site

Another option is to take a look at websites from major music magazines, such asRolling Stone. Occasionally artists will provide free downloads of their upcoming singles or even entire albums at this popular music lovers site. Most of what’s available in terms of free music downloads for iPod are tagged as “free MP3s” on theRolling Stone blog

In addition to these options, you might also want to consider one of the many sites that provide a range of musical selections. For example, atMusic Download.com, you can download what’s referred to as an iPod starter kit which includes free tracks. Sure, some of the artists are independents that you may never have heard of – but songs from well known bands and musicians, such as They Might be Giants and Fiona Apple,are also included. You can sort their extensive listing of over 75 thousand MP3s by date added, popularity ratings and total listens. Categories include everything from Adult Contemporary to Hard Rock / Punk and Psychedelic/Garage.

Another popular site for free downloads isiLounge, which caters to the iPod crowd. They have partnered with providers offering copyright free music, mainly independent musicians seeking feedback and ideas on their compositions.Rhapsody also provides free music downloads, although their tracks are not available for the iPod.

Perhaps one of the best sites for gaining access to free music downloads for iPod isAbout.com. This site provides links to a wide range of free tracks, from the Artists Direct Network to the BBC, for your listening pleasure. And if you want to branch out a bit from free music downloads for iPod, consider downloading some of the other free materials available out there, such as podcasts. iTunes offers a huge range of podcast subscriptions for free (if you’re wondering what a podcast is, think of it as a blog for your ears.)

Finally, as you’re considering free music downloads for your iPod, be sure that you understand the copyright restrictions of the music you’re downloading. In most cases, if you’re on a music sharing site where the songs that are available seem to good to be true, it probably is. Remember that these artists have worked hard to create their music, and they deserve to be paid for that effort.

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