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As more and more people live alone, more people go online to find friends. Free online multiplayer games have allowed people to forge friendships while being competitive. The games are as varied as the population. Those looking for an escape from their every day, humdrum world love to play roll playing games. Traditional board games like Scrabble and Yahtzee are available online. Games that are more cerebral can be played online and even by email. And poker’s rise in popularity in recent years actually began with online gamers who got together to play in person.

If you don’t want to actually play against other people, you can play against the computer. Just click on the options in the game that say “play as a guest.” You can practice playing free against the computer before you take on a competitor. One of

most popular gaming sites, www.pogo.com, allows players to play free against the computer for most of the games.

There are different ways to play these games. When you are in a role-playing game, you take on a different character. That character can be involved in several plots and in a different era. Many free online multiplayer games are set in medieval times and characters battle dragons and evil kings. The future is also a popular setting for science fiction enthusiasts. During these games, you will form alliances with other players that lead to friendships. You will also learn new strategies when you play the game you love against opponents offline.

Board games are popular on free online multiplayer game sites like www.pogo.com. You can also play online games at www.yahoo.com/games. Scrabble, Monopoly and many arcade games can be played there and at www.hasbro.com. But if you don’t want to play online for fear that you may be attracting spyware, you can download these games off the Internet. Just be careful about where you get the games because you don’t want to download harmful viruses as well.

If you aren’t really into board games or the role playing games, you can play your favorite sports against other players. Golf is one of the most popular free online games. You can learn new skills that will possibly improve your game on the course. Other competitive games include baseball, basketball, football and the popular racing games. You only need your computer and mouse to have hours of fun!

Most of the games are suitable for all ages. However before you allow your child to play free online multiplayer games, you may want to play them for yourself. Some of the role playing games do have violent and sometimes scary scenes. Some of the sites will tell you if there is material unsuitable for children in the games but some will not. Monitor online games like you do your child’s video games on your console at home.

While free online multiplayer games are on sites that don’t charge a fee, you may be required to register. If you do register, you will receive emails and possibly spam. But you will also have an opportunity to win prizes and cash on some sites. The lure of the prizes can lead to someone spending hours online playing these games. Unless you are independently wealthy, you may want to avoid any hint of addiction to the games. Play with care.

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