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Sony’s Play Station Portable (PSP) is an amazing device. You can use it to watch movies, listen to music and, of course, play games. But after you’ve bought your PSP, how can you afford the games? Fortunately, there are many free PSP games available all over the Internet.

What Should I Expect When I Download Free PSP Games?

Bear in mind that getting something for free is always, well, difficult. The sites offering free PSP games do not offer the latest and greatest in video gaming technology. In general, free psp games are limited in scope. You’ll find games along the lines of “billiards” as well as demo versions of popular games. Sometimes, the games you can download for free do not have full functionality. That said, you can’t beat the price!

How do I Download Free PSP Games?

In most cases, all you’ll need to do is download the game on to your computer and then drag the file over to your PSP memory stick. Be aware, though, that some files can “brick” your PSP. This simply means that the file corrupts your system in such a way as to make the device useless (i.e., turns it in to a brick – clever, huh?). So be sure to back up before you start downloading free psp games.

Where can I find free PSP games?

Start with a site like www.pspmeeting.com. Here you’ll be able to download billiards, golf and demo versions of popular games like Astonishia Story and Wipeout Pulse. Plus, you may even find a free PSP movie or two!

Or, you can check out the games at Game Daily. There are over 600 downloads at this site, many of them demo versions of popular games, including Sim City, Grid and Red Alert. Again, though, be aware that most of these downloads do not offer the fully functioning game. If you get too engrossed, you may need to shell out some cash for the full version!

A final option is to look in to homebrew games. These are free PSP games that gaming enthusiasts have developed. Just type “homebrew PSP games” into the search engine of your choice and see what comes up!

What If I Want to Spend a Little More?

If you’re willing to pay a little for unlimited downloads of PSP games, consider a site like My PSP download or PSPBlender. Here you pay a one-time fee of between $35 and $40 and have access to unlimited downloads. While the database does not contain all the most popular games, you will have access to hundreds of PSP games at one low price.

Or, you might want to consider a site like GameStop.com, which offers a range of PSP games for $9.99 and less!

Finally, as you’re considering free PSP games for your PSP, be sure that you understand the legal restrictions on the games that you’re downloading. In most cases, if you’re on a game sharing site where the games that are available seem to good to be true, it probably is. Stick with the downloads you know are legitimate.

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