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Everyone needs a good laugh now and then. Funny flash games are a great way to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time. You can find thousands of these games online. Some of the scenarios you will find online include:

  • Do you hate your boss or is he or she just annoying? There are many variations of “Whack your Boss” online. You can be hitting enter and beat the crap out of him virtually while he is standing over you yelling about how you mess up the latest project!
  • Do you want to get back at all those teachers that put you in detention in school or that refused to give you a passing grade? Hundreds of online flash games involving teachers are online. You can through spitballs, make funny sounds and destroy the room.
  • Does Brittany Spears’ voice get on your nerves? You can find games that poke fun at most celebrities and the stupid things they do. The creators of funny games don’t have to look far for material with all the recent meltdowns and arrests of celebrities!
  • Do you want to take advantage of stupid celebrities? Play “Celebrity Prank” online! You will find that these celebrities are just as gullible (or even more so) than the rest of us!
  • Have you ever wondered how a monkey would play kickball? The “Monkey Kick-Off” gives you control of the monkey’s foot. Try to get the ball as far away as you can without hitting the other monkeys in the trees. Keep kicking to beat your personal best.
  • Whose pet is the cutest? Watch dogs and cats vie for the title of “My Cute Pets” in the popular games found online.

Funny flash games may seem like a respite in your day. But playing these online games provides many advantages that you may not realize:

  • They keep you thinking. Online games are particularly recommended for elderly people who need to keep their memories strong. Young children will learn reflexes as they challenge themselves using the mouse and keyboard.
  • Most of the games are free. You don’t have to spend money for hours of entertainment. The entire family can get involved in playing the games and seeing who has the best score. You can save hundreds of dollars in video game costs by playing these funny and entertaining for free!
  • Some sites offer prizes and cash for playing the games. There is not better way to make money than by playing a funny game!

Games are not just on gaming sites. In 2006, Office Max’s dancing elf increased traffic to the website as players wanted to put their picture on the elf. Many entertainment companies, particularly sites for television shows, use funny flash games to keep people on their site. You can even find funny flash games on the site of “Lifetime,” a women’s network. Other sites include www.games24X7.org and www.onlinegamesflash.com

If you are working with an old computer, you may not have flash installed. If you go to a site that requires flash before you play, you will be asked to download flash software. Most sites are safe but you should be careful before downloading anything onto your computer. You don’t want to download a virus just so you can play funny flash games online.

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