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The Nintendo GameCube was first released back in 2001 and consoles have moved on since then. Nintendo have released their next generation console, the hugely popular Wii which is currently competing with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. It may be slightly dated but Nintendo sold well over 20 million GameCubes worldwide and many people still play games on them. Over 600 titles were released on the GameCube and the best selling game was Super Smash Bros. Melee.

If you are still wrestling with games and in need of GameCube walkthroughs to help you complete them then you’ll be relieved to find that there are still a number of websites offering comprehensive guides. The big websites with multiple walkthroughs submitted by amateur gamers are GameFAQs and IGN. You will find detailed step by step walkthroughs for a variety of titles and for the bigger games there are feature guides with screenshots written by the editorial staff. Most game websites focus on the most recent generation of consoles but older websites will often retain their old content and this where you will find walkthroughs for GameCube titles. One such website with a fairly decent range of user submitted guides is Freeola

If you would prefer a walkthrough or guide as a downloadable PDF file which you can print out and you are willing to pay for it then try Luna Bean. They have a wide range of GameCube walkthroughs and they include screenshots and useful strategy tips. You could also try to find official strategy guides which you can order online. They are generally full colour guides full of details on strategy, secrets and mission walkthroughs but they cost money. You can find some examples on Amazon

The best kind of walkthrough is visual because they are easier to put into practice. Written walkthroughs can sometimes be hard to understand and following text instructions is not always easy. Feature walkthroughs on websites and strategy guides will often include screenshots which help you to align your actions but video walkthroughs are becoming more popular and they are much easier to follow.

There are more and websites using video footage of someone playing through the game, often with commentary, as walkthroughs. However because the GameCube is fairly dated you won’t find as many GameCube walkthroughs in this format. A search on YouTube does reveal a few for the most popular GameCube titles such as the Resident Evil series.

A growing resource which is maintained by a large community of amateur gamers is the Strategy Wiki and they have a fairly large GameCube section where you can find guides and walkthroughs. Unfortunately many of them are incomplete and this is a trend we can see elsewhere. Many websites create categories for things which are returned in searches but actually contain no content, so although they may claim to have GameCube walkthroughs on closer inspection you will find that they don’t.

One website which does have quite a lot of GameCube content in terms of cheats, tips, strategy guides and walkthroughs is Cheats Guru and it is worth checking out. You can see at glance what the most popular content is which is quite interesting and although the focus is on cheats there is at least some content there.

There are so many game related websites that you may feel spoiled for choice but the content is often poor quality or entirely lacking when it comes to the GameCube. You will definitely find the best content on the big two, IGN and GameFAQs.

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