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Once you have learned how to dominate RuneScape, you might want another game
to play.  There are other games like RuneScape that will allow you to have fun
while playing and get the same amount of joy as you did in RuneScape.

If you are looking for a game to replace your RuneScape addiction, or even a
game to supplement it, you have a lot of great choices to consider.  There are
quite a few games
like RuneScape available online.

Last Chaos


Last Chaos is one of the games like RuneScape.  It resembles the popular game
in the ways you want.  You will get to go on quests, just like RuneScape plus,
you will be able to gain power as you move through the game.  It has a huge
player base, so you will get a sense of community, just as you did with

While it is like RuneScape, it is also different in a couple of good ways.
First, the graphics are better.  RuneScape’s graphics have improved with the
newest version, but they are still not the best in the gaming world.  The
graphics of Last Chaos beat RuneScape hands down.  Also, the interface of Last
Chaos is more user friendly.  This makes it easier for new players to get
started with the game.

Conquer Online


With a player base well over a million, Conquer Online is quickly becoming
one of the most talked about games available in the community.  It has many of
the same qualities of RuneScape, and it is known for great battle scenes.  The
free game is versatile, just like RuneScape, and promises to be a huge hit.  New
players can jump right in and start playing.

Eve Online


Some gamers have stated this game will be the death of RuneScape.  In
reality, there is probably not a chance of RuneScape dying out anywhere in the
near future, but it is still compelling that the game has received such high
marks in such a short period of time.  However, it does not take long to see why
it does.

Firstly, Eve moves much faster than RuneScape.  RuneScape can become boring
with its repetitive nature.  The skill building in RuneScape turns many people
off.  Eve does not require the same investment of time, but it still offers as
much fun.  Also, the graphics are better than RuneScape, which means players can
get even more lost in the game as they play.

Knight Online


This is the most promising RuneScape competition seen in a long time.  This
game is incredibly intense, with great graphics as well.  The fight scenes in
this game are magnificent, and the PvP environment is very much like RuneScape,
only bigger.  This game takes the concept of RuneScape and makes it for the next
generation.  It takes the idea of RuneScape and takes it to the next level.

The Bottom Line

RuneScape might not be going anywhere, but that does not mean you can’t see
what else is out there.  There are a lot of great games that are similar to
RuneScape, only with better graphics and less time investment.  Free PvP games
are a growing trend, and you can find some great ones online.  Even if you are
still addicted to RuneScape, give one of the other games a try.  You might find
a new favorite.

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