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The Innovage Mini Digital camera is a less than credit card size camera that is one of the smallest on the market, and because of its size and features there is a limit to what you can do with it.

You do accomplish what the camera says it will do (take pictures), but if you want extra features like, high definition and sharp images, you might as well throw in some extra bucks and upgrade to a feature packed camera.

The thing with cameras is that the more you use them the more you want to express your creative style. So if you are a newbie, this one would work for now and I am sure you would get your money’s worth before you need to upgrade.

So let’s get right into it.

What’s Hot

  • This Camera is very cute and small enough to hang at the end of your key chain. The price is just as small, so you can purchase this beauty for anywhere in the price range of $10 – $22 depending on where you shop.  Any price above that would be robbery.
  • Your Innovage Mini Digital Camera can be used as a web cam, although you would only be able to capture a few seconds of action.
  • A USB cord is provided so you can load your photos to your PC and you also receive a cover to protect your camera.
  • With just one AAA battery required to run this mini camera, you would not break your bank to operate it.

What’s Not

  • Due to the dimensions of the Innovage Mini Digital Camera there isn’t a display screen.  Instead you have a screen that displays function codes.  The pre-transfer images produced are so small that the only one who would find them adequate would be Tinkerbell.  (They would probably look like a billboard to her.)
  • The 1 megapixel doesn’t quite screen quality shots.
  • The software (if you’re fortunate enough to have it shipped with your product) is quite difficult to use.  Things are so bad with this software that there are forums dedicated to finding or using the Innovage software and drivers.

You can access the software and drivers here.  To read what others are saying, access the forum here

For all the time and effort it takes to find and use the software, your $22 could be better spent.

Could Live With

16mb of memory should keep you happy. Not sure for how long though, because after 20 high quality photos, you would need to transfer them to your PC and even then the photos aren’t the best quality


I don’t see how anyone could use this camera for any extended period of time and not get bored with its lack of features. There are disposable cameras that work better than the Innovage Mini Digital Camera.

Sure you don’t get to see your photos on your PC with the disposable, but if that is what you really want, invest in a digital camera that takes high quality photos that you would be able to see clearly when you load them to your PC.

If you want a toy that takes ok photos occasionally, while you develop your photography skills, go for it.  But you would need to upgrade after some months.

Would I recommend this camera?

Let me see…… No.

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