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Today’s more sophisticated programs and applications require more advanced technology than in the past.  The newer applications, multimedia, and games are very demanding and require the appropriate technology to be able to run these programs with ease and without delays.  If you are looking for first class performance when using some of the most labor-intensive applications, it is worth your time to check out the Intel Core i7-2600K Processor.

intel core i7 2600k processor

The Intel Core i7 processor is the cream of the crop when it comes to speed, reliability, and best-in-class execution of demanding programs by providing 8-way multitasking capability and an additional L3 cache.  The Core i7 processor is among the second generation units manufactured by Intel which increase the IQ of your PC tenfold with brand new Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and Intel’s signature Hyper Threading technology.

Intel Core i7-2600K Technology

The Intel Core i7 processor is packed with next generation technology while offering exceptional performance and unmatched speed that easily handles today’s most innovative programs.

  • Processor: The Core i7 processor works at lightning fast speed and runs at 3.40 GHz with quad core processing units.  Each processor core (Quad Core) features an 8MB L3 cache which can be shared with each processing core to evenly distribute the workload for demanding applications.  The result is unparalleled performance which eliminates latency frustrations.

Latency refers to the time it takes for one packet of information to get from one destination to the next. If the transmission is slow then this is called latency which makes running programs very frustrating and time consuming.

  • Unlocked Core: If you are a die hard gamer or you use a lot of demanding multimedia applications, the Core i7 processor is completely unlocked so you can overclock it for faster performance and without affecting other components in the operating system.
  • Turbo Boost Technology: The Core i7-2600K processor works at lightning speed thanks to the Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 which automatically delivers a burst of speed running at 3.8 GHz whenever it is needed.  Clock speeds can be raised independently by working with the BIOS in the operating system.  The Turbo Boost technology is capable of increasing the frequency in the processor by utilizing the thermal and power headroom.  This also makes the processor extremely energy efficient.
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000: The Intel Core i7-2600K does not require a graphics card due to the built-in visuals and Intel HD Graphics 3000 that allow you to view sharp images and rich media with Clear Video Technology.  The implementation of Clear Video Technology is combined with Intel Tru3D which offers 3D stereoscopic Blu-ray playback with complete 1080p resolution.
  • Partitioning: The Intel Virtualization Technology provides partitioning which allows you to run multiple applications by separating different computing tasks into partitions to improve productivity while reducing downtime.
  • Hyper Threading: The Intel Core i7-2600K processor is equipped with hyper threading which significantly improves multi-tasking by allowing each individual processor to perform two tasks simultaneously. Hyper threading is Intel’s technology and is designed to multi-task each processor which results in 8-way multi-tasking technology. For hyper threading to work the operating system must be capable of supporting multiple processors.

The Core i7-2600K processor is also extremely energy efficient and is designed to make optimal use of every watt.  The result is a system that runs cooler and is more energy and cost efficient to run.  When you unpack the box the Core i7 also includes a Central Processing Unit cooler that you can use with the unit or you can opt to choose your own CPU cooling system.

Get More Done in Less Time

Thanks to the 8-way multi-tasking technology by Intel you can get a lot more done in less time by speeding up workflow.  The i7 processor speeds up the response of your PC so the frustrating hour glass icon becomes a thing of the past.

You can also make video editing super easy with the Advanced Vector Extensions included with the Core i7-2600K processor.  This feature offers a collection of instructions that will improve labor-intensive software applications such as image and video editing applications, audio processing, audio codecs, and other demanding applications.

Overall, you will find the Intel Core i7-2600K processor to be extremely fast and reliable with outstanding performance and great value.  It also overclocks extremely fast and easy and runs at low voltage.  When you overclock the operating system still remains stable and only runs at approximately 2° more than the standard room temperature when running at full speed. It is also reasonably priced for all the features that are packed into the Core i7.  You can view more details on the Core i7-2600K and read the customer feedback by clicking here

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