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iPod cheats — it sounds bad, but it’s not. “Cheating” (at least in the world of consumer electronic devices) generally refers to shortcuts that users have discovered to either perform one of the existing functions faster and easier or to perform entirely new, unconsidered tasks.

A great place to start looking is theiPod page at Cheatbots. The developers of this site have done the work for you by creating the searches you need on relevant sites that will identify any potential cheat codes (or combination of keys) that you can use to have even more fun with your iPod.

One of the easies
iPod cheats you’ll discover is at

www.gamewinners.com, where someone has discovered that if you go to the “About” menu and then tap the middle button, a mini breakout game will appear.

Another interesting option to consider is using cheat codes to improve your performance in games created exclusively for the iPod. To date, the iPod (and its fancy brethren the iPhone) has been seen as a functional and entertainment device connected far more to playing movies and videos than to playing games. Any games that came on the device were usually perfunctory – more along the lines of your desktop “Solitaire” than “World of Warcraft.”

But more and more developers (including Apple) are creating more and more games for the iPod. And with iPod games comes iPod cheats. What’s most interesting about the iPod cheats related to some of the newest games (specifically Vortex and Texas Hold ‘Em) is that they were built in and then unveiled by Apple programmers. Yes, this is how the computer programming crowd has fun.

iLounge has information on thesecheat codes, which allow users to access different levels and characters. Some of the stages or levels that can be accessed include a “Dogs Playing Poker stage” and a Stonehenge stage. Additional specifics on these games can be found at

But these cheats aren’t limited to just the latest pod products. If you’re one of the lucky few who managed to track down aniPhone, the cheats aren’t far behind. You can access the current state of play on short cuts, tricks and tweaks at

Finally, believe it or not, some people have considered iPod cheats in the context of, well actual cheating. Many schools districts are finding they need to ban iPods from the grounds because students are cheating at their schoolwork by bringing in files and materials on their iPod – materials that are giving them an advantage on tests. But don’t worry. Given their affinity for the iPod, these are likely the same folks that will wind up finding more cheat codes, thereby making it an even more useful (and entertaining) device!

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