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There are a number of iPod in-wall mounting dock options on the market and while most are quite similar in function, there are some differences which you should note. Depending on your exact need or the type of system you have, not all wall mounted docks would be suitable.

When searching for an iPod In-wall mounting dock you should analyze the product that is presented from the search results carefully.  What I found was that even though I specified ‘In-wall’ in my search, I was presented with many wall mounted options.

Of course it’s a good idea to read the compatibility information to make sure that the iPod dock you want to purchase would work with your entertainment system.

Once you’ve got all the info, match them up with what you require and make your decision.  In this article we’ll review some iPod in-wall mounting dock options as well as on-wall docks. So let’s get started.

Sonance iPort In-Wall Docking Station

Unlike other iPod docks on the market, the Sonance iPort needs to be permanently mounted into your wall.  It requires a bit more work to get up and running but,once installed, you can enjoy a seamless finish.  This is what I consider to be a true in-wall mounting dock.

To use this iPod in-wall mounting dock, all your files must be routed via a CAT 5 cable.  The iPort output to speakers or video monitors can be controlled via an audio or video system.

The Sonance in-wall dock has a power supply and charging cradle which charges your iPod once it is
docked. This way you can enjoy uninterrupted music play.

Owning this device would set you back approx $200 for the cheapest model and as stated, because this is an in-wall dock, changes to your permanent structure (your wall) is required to install.

You should know that there are other models of this Sonance iPort and the most expensive device is approx $1100.  For the extra money you’ll have all the features of the previous model plus a factory pre-loaded balanced video module with a balanced video wall plate.  Balanced video allows placement of the iPort up to 250 feet from the balanced video wall plate.

If you want to add to what you already have, you can purchase other accessories such as the remote
control and other devices to make operating the system even more convenient.

The iPod Docking Station

This device fits neatly on your wall without causing too much of an eyesore.  It is especially designed for your iPod and plays your stored MP3 files in one room or throughout your entire house, once you hook the iPod docking station up to any ABUS audio system.

The charge feature of this iPod in-wall mounting dock allows you to enjoy your tunes continuously because, once docked, the iPod would be charged.  This does not apply to the iPod shuffle however.

These beauties average around $150 but, for what you can do with it, that is not too big of a price.

If you do not have an ABUS system, don’t worry, for the same price you can purchase the…

IPOD Wall Dock for Distributed Audio Systems

The iPod Wall Dock has pretty much the same features as the ABUS version.  The main difference is that it connects to any audio or video source, so not only can you rock the house with your favorite MP3s, you can also watch iPod videos on your TV and control everything with your apple remote.  Now that is cool.

This audio system iPod in-wall mounting dock allows you to balance the line level audio output and can support IR control.

When making the final decision on an iPod In-Wall Mounting Dock it’s best to take into consideration the above options as these are the most popular and searched for iPod in-wall docks.  Customers seem to love them, so check them out and see what you think

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