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There have been many Star Wars branded video games over the years and the action series Jedi Knight was one of the best. Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast was a first and third person game in which the player took on the role of Kyle Katarn and armed with a blaster and lightsaber had to defeat the powers of darkness.

Balanced finely on the edge of the dark side you could learn to manipulate the Force and develop as a Jedi master. The single player featured an involved storyline and mixed action with puzzles to produce a real challenge for gamers. The game was released back in 2002 but if you still need some help with it you can easily lay your hands on a Jedi Knight 2 walkthrough

You start off the game armed with a blaster and as the action progresses there are various lightsabers to wield and eventually you can use Force powers like the classic Jedi mind trick. The game was fairly well received although critics highlighted the awkward level design and large number of tricky puzzles as detractions. Luckily these annoyances can easily be dealt with by equipping yourself with a Jedi Knight 2 walkthrough.

There are several levels in the game as you zoom around the galaxy from location to location and the storyline features a large cast of characters. You can find some great further information on the game at the wonderfully named Wookiepedia. If you are after a walkthrough then try out this set of videos at YouTube which will guide you at least part of the way through the game.

The majority of Jedi Knight 2 walkthroughs are written notepad documents compiled by amateur gamers. They tend to start with various hints and details about the game before providing you with a step by step set of instructions for beating each level. The quality varies and the lack of a visual aid to match the written descriptions can make them tough to follow but if you are stuck they will generally give you the answer and allow you to progress. You can find various user submitted walkthroughs and guides at GameFAQs and IGN. In addition to the detailed walkthroughs there are guides to find the secrets and instructions on how to pull off various moves.

Another useful resource which provides links to more than one Jedi Knight 2 walkthrough is Jedi Knight II. Sadly not all of the links are still valid but there is a wealth of useful information here for fans of the game. There are even some links to a forum where the lead game-play programmer from developer Raven software has posted a few mini strategy guides.

The best guides always provide some screenshots so you can be sure you are on the right track when following the instructions and you can find a terrific Jedi Knight 2 walkthrough complete with screenshots at Stratos Group. This is a very well written walkthrough which avoids spoiling the game but provides the concise information you need in order to solve the puzzles and complete each level.

This guide also encompasses detailed information on the powers, weapons, items and enemies you’ll run across and there is a comprehensive section listing cheats you can type into the command console.

Of all the various choices out there for a Jedi Knight 2 walkthrough the Stratos Group guide is really tough to beat. It is easy to find the section you need because the walkthrough is split into sections and it is well written without spoiling the surprises along the way. Whichever you choose good luck and may the force be with you!

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