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I’ll be honest with you.  If you’re looking for information on the Jenoptik digital camera you’ll have a difficult time finding much beyond the German company that develops high-end camera equipment for the scientific, infra-red and professional markets.

True, there was once an inexpensive line of Jenoptik digital camera models available in the consumer marketplace through a subsidiary of Jenoptik.  But those cameras have seemed to have all but disappeared (although batteries and chargers are available for anyone who does have one of these cameras).

It’s anyone’s guess as to why the Jenoptik’s low-end version is no longer available, but the good news is that there are other alternatives for inexpensive cameras.  Kodak’s popular EasyShare line has cameras starting at as low as $40. Sony, Nikon and Hewlett Packard also have digital cameras available for under $100.

In considering a low-end digital camera along the lines of what Jenoptik had to offer, you’ll want to balance a variety of features and options.  The first thing to consider is the mega pixel resolution of your camera.  In general, the more mega pixels, the clearer your picture will be.  However, a lower-end mega pixel camera may be a better option if the camera is easier to use, has longer battery life or provides you with more options for getting your pictures on to your computer.

Remember, though, that these cameras are inexpensive for a reason.  They simply will not have as many options or the increased functionality of one of the higher end devices.  This is why many people start with an inexpensive camera; learn the basics and then “graduate” to something a little more functional.

Of course, if you’re looking for a high-end professional camera, Jenoptik’s current offerings may be more to your liking.  Their current devices include the 1.2 mpix VarioCam, which is a thermographic camera that is utilized for very sophisticated scientific applications and the IR-TCM 640, designed for infrared applications – many in the security arena.  These are not available through the traditional consumer outlets – you’ll need to reach a Jenoptik distributor in your country.

Another Jenoptik digital camera option is the Eyelike Emotion22 camera back utilized in professional fashion and portrait situations.  It is capable of shooting up to 50 high resolutions pictures per minute – just what you need for your next fashion shoot.

Now, if you’re wondering what a digital camera “back” is, you’re not alone!  For most of us in the consumer marketplace, we purchase a single device – the camera.  However, professionals tend toward modular equipment that allows them to shift out all aspects of the camera, such as lenses and flashes.   One of the elements they can shift out is the film back — essentially, where the images are stored and viewed, through the view screen.

Hence, the Eyelike Emotion22 digital back is a modular piece that fits into a professional studio situation.  If you’re just looking for a plain old camera, and hopefully something inexpensive, the Jenoptik line might not be the best place to look.  But have no fear!  As noted above there are many alternatives.

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