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When Kodak introduced their Kodak digital camera printer range, they must have had me in mind.  You see, while I am glad to have access to today’s advanced technology, at other times I get annoyed at how many gadgets I need to use, in combination, in order to get the true benefits of our techno era.

With the Kodak Easyshare Printer Dock range I get to choose how many gadgets I use when handling my photos.  I also get to decide what medium I want my photos in…onscreen or in print.

Best Bits

With the  Kodak digital camera printer range there are many features and benefits to get excited about.  And while Kodak Easyshare was created to print your photos anywhere anytime (this being the main purpose/feature) it does not stop there.

You can print your photos without transferring them to your PC first (down with the middleman). Just place your Kodak Easyshare compatible camera into the dock and with the touch of one button…..sorted.

The portability is another favorite feature.  You can take your Easyshare anywhere and have each of your prints done in 1 minute.  Ok it could be said that due to busy lifestyles and ‘impatience with the microwave’ syndrome, this can be considered slow, but compared to the alternatives it is quite adequate.

Automatic Recharge

Are you always forgetting to charge your camera batteries, only to lose the chance of taking some great impromptu photos?  Well the Kodak digital camera Printer dock automatically recharges your batteries, you just need to remember to dock it, but once you are printing straight from the camera that would be taken care of.


The quality of photos with the Kodak Easyshare is just great.  The technology used is continuous-tone thermal dye transfer which makes your photos look like they were done at a professional studio.


You might wonder if you can use the Easyshare if you don’t have a Kodak camera, well you can.  The Easyshare Plus allows you to print photos wirelessly from a mobile phone camera and any PictBridge enabled digital camera, how cool is that.

Free And Easy To Use Software

If you choose to transfer your photos to your PC, that option is available too.  You’ll need to download the free  Kodak Easyshare software from Kodak’s website. This software allows you to do so much.  You can read all about the possibilities on the software download page.

Cost Effective

Another fact I like about the entire Easyshare Kodak digital camera printer system is the cost.  When you first receive your printer doc, the package should include ink and sample printing paper.  With this starter package you can assess which quality you like best and which you want to purchase in the future.

When you’ve used up all your supplies, you can purchase the black and color ink combi for about $22 and 100 high gloss 4 x 6 paper sheets for around $21 and remember the paper is water proof and stain resistant. Considering I print about 60% of the photos I take, this works out to be quite affordable.

Printer Dock Differences

Not all the docks in the Kodak range, carry the same features, a useful site is the  printer dock comparison page, found on the manufacturers’ website. Be sure to take a look at the specs and decide on the one that would best suit your requirements.

What Others Are Saying

After having a look around the Internet at various review sites such as  Trusted Reviews and  Printer Spot I have deduced that the general consensus about the Kodak Easyshare printer dock is:

  • It is loaded with usable features
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • The maintenance cost is not astronomical
  • The print quality is excellent
  • The print speed could be a bit faster
  • It is easy to carry around
  • You can print wirelessly

I could not find any sites where people expressed any particular dislike for this product, which is very encouraging.  Generally the Kodak printer doc seems to work well is reliable and users have no major problems with it.

Where To Shop

You can purchase your Kodak Easyshare printer dock at Kodak of course and the prices range from $100 – $180.  You can also click here to get a great deal on  Kodak Easyshare printer docks

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