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If you are looking for a reasonably priced pocket camcorder that delivers more than past pocket camcorders, it may worth your time to take a look at the new Kodak Zi8 which has recently undergone some core improvements.  The Kodak Zi8 has also gone through a serious hardware redesign which makes it more pleasant to carry with you than the previous models when you are on the go or traveling on vacation.

So exactly what improvements have been made in the Zi8?

New and Improved Sleek Design

Instead of its bulky predecessor, the Kodak Zi8 boasts a sleek new design that feels more modern and high tech with a slimmer body and stylish appearance.  It is also more portable in size than the Zi6 with an improved lithium-ion battery that replaces the old AA batteries and lasts for more than one hour.  Kodak_Zi8

The new design includes a screen that is much sharper than previous Kodak cams with an HDMI output that works rapidly and with a lot of ease.  The exterior of the device also hosts a brand new USB port that is rubberized and flexible and replaces the previous inconvenient flip out plug on older models of the Kodak cam.  This makes using the unit a lot easier when you do not have a lot of clearance available to plug into the USB port.

Enhanced Video Features

The mainstay feature of the Zi8 is the upgraded 30fps 1080p quality video recording with a brand new option that provides for 5-megapixel photos.  This is an upgrade from the 720p of the Zi6 and although it is somewhat difficult to tell the difference once you display the video on a high definition screen.  However, it is still a step forward from previous Kodak cams.

This is also not an indication that the video quality is poor because it is quite far from being inferior quality.  Actually the video quality is a step up from the Zi6 and noticeably higher in quality thanks to the implementation of a new sensor that is larger and helps to improve the quality of the resolution.

Another reason the video quality on the Kodak Zi8 is better is the new image stabilization feature which reduces problems you usually experience with other portable camcorders that produce a rippling effect as a result of moving the camcorder too much during recording.  In addition to image stabilization, another contributor to enhanced video is the return of macro mode which provides you with more flexibility of movement than the Zi6 with its upgraded improvements.

Settings and Modes

The settings and controls are operated primarily via a red button that functions similar to a joystick and requires a little bit of practice to get used to it.  Once you press the settings button you have a variety of options to choose from which include adjusting the sound quality and LCD brightness, activating the image stabilization feature, using the video out setting, modifying the face detection feature, using the camera for photos, and formatting the memory card.

There are four different video modes and then one mode for shooting still photos which are included on the Kodak Zi8.  The 1080p mode allows you to record high definition videos with a resolution of 1920×1080 at 30fps.  The 720p/60fps provides you with recording capabilities at a 1280×720 resolution with a 60 fps frame rate and another 720p mode that allows you to record videos with a 1280×720 resolution at 30 fps.  The fourth video recording mode is WVGA with a resolution of 848×480 at 30 fps.

For the still image camera mode, this feature offers 5.3 megapixel interpolated still images.  This provides photos that are acceptable quality once you master the red button which tends to be on the stiff side and can cause the camera to move when you are shooting photos.  However, once you master this aspect the device takes quality photos considering it is a portable device.

As far as storage is concerned the Kodak Zi8 is equipped with a SD card slot however there is no SD card included with the camcorder and the unit is void of built-in memory.


Overall the Kodak Zi8 has a lot to offer for an affordable price and you will find yourself relying on it more than past models such as the Zi6 without the worry about the subjects you are recording being well-lit or other concerns such as keeping a steady hand, noisy surroundings, or poor quality videos and images after you have invested the time to create them.  It is a reality that the Kodak Zi8 will not replace a full blown camcorder however it is good enough to serve your needs at a reasonable price.  There is more to like about the Kodak Zi8 than there is to complain about and it is worth your time to investigate it further by clicking here

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