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Without a long and prosperous battery life, your cell phone isn’t much good to you, right? But buying cell phone batteries isn’t as easy as regular batteries – you can’t just pop a couple AA’s into the back of the case and hope it will work. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for buying batteries, particularly LG cell phone batteries

In considering LG cell phone batteries, it’s important to understand the universe in which we’re starting. These are batteries made specifically for LG phones, such as the “chocolate” phone, made for use on the Verizon network, or the LG “fusic” phone, made for use on the Sprint network.

Because all phones have different features, different configurations and different connections between the battery and the phone itself, you unfortunately can’t buy just one of any of the available LG cell phone batteries and expect it to work with all phones. You must purchase a battery specifically for use with your LG phone. Batteries range from $8 to $25 dollars, depending on the type of battery you need.

That said, once you’ve found the right battery, there are some things you need to understand about the battery you’re using. For example, unless you bought your cell phone out of the back of a truck (and we don’t recommend that), you received a battery with the phone when you bought it. These batteries are intended to last for extended periods and have the capacity to be recharged over and over again. In most cases, your original battery will last as long as you care to use the phone, especially if you’re a “churner” (in other words, you trade your phones in on a frequent basis).

However, there may be times when there is a problem with your original battery. For example, if your battery is starting to fade after just a few hours of charging, that means that the battery is not holding its charge very well, and may well need to be replaced.

Or, you may find that you need 24/7 power for your LG phone and can’t wait for the time it takes to charge. Or, perhaps most likely, you forget to charge your phone and find yourself wishing that you had a fresh battery already waiting. This is when having some extra LG cell phone batteries might come in handy. You can charge them using your phone and LG cell phone charger. To charge extra batteries, just replace them in the phone after each charge – there will likely be some loss of power, but it should get you through an emergency.

Other options for LG cell phone batteries include extended power for extended talk time and reduced bulk (hey, every few ounces helps!).

Finally, if you’re looking to upgrade from the standard issue batteries – perhaps seeking something a little flashier and that will make a stronger statement – some LG cell phone batteries are available with special features, such as flashing whenever the phone rings. Think cell phone meets Las Vegas, complete with flashing lights and neon. You can’t gamble with them yet, but that’s just around the corner!

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