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If you are a hard core gamer, have you ever noticed that a lot of gaming keyboards are your regular run-of-the-mill types?  It could be me but when I went shopping for a gaming keyboard there wasn’t any that really met my expectations until I happened to stumble across the Logitech G19 which caught my eye with some new and innovative features.  I decided to give it a test run and was pleasantly surprised with its multi-task performance.  Here is a Logitech G19 review of what I found unusual about this new innovative gaming keyboard.

Innovative Logitech G19 FeaturesLogitech G19 Keyboard

  • Logitech G19 LCD: This feature really caught my eye and is the ultimate addition for a multi-tasking gamer who does not want to miss out on any action. There is a 320×240 LCD monitor built into the keyboard to accommodate anything you want to view at a glance.

If you are playing a game you can also add another task such as watching a YouTube video to the mix.  This feature acts as its own really cool mini computer which is easy to use and configure.  Logitech has developed a few applets to go with the configuration and a list of games that are designed to be used with this type of setup.

  • Cool Character Backlighting: The keyboard which has great key action offers a choice of colors to customize the backlighting of the keys complete with a toggle key to deactivate the Windows key to prevent you from accidentally touching it and wiping out your game.
  • Nifty Programmable Keys: There is an impressive twelve G-keys labeled G1 through G12 which are located on the left hand side of the keyboard and are programmable with three macros per key to allow space to program 36 single keypresses or complex macros. You can immediately switch between three sets of twelve which include color coding.

You can also record custom macros on the spur of the moment or use the accompanying software to assign keystrokes, macros, scripts or computer functions to each G-key.  The configurations can be saved as profiles so there is no need to reload them every time you start the application.  The keys also provide an impressive variety of media controls along with a really cool spin wheel for adjusting the volume with ease.

  • 60 Game Profiles: What I also liked is the Logitech G19 has over 60 different games profiled that consist of macros which is pre-recorded and can be applied to any of the G-keys to make it easier to perform any of the actions associated with the game.  This is a lot easier than other gaming keyboards where the action is assigned to a letter key.
  • Multi-Key Input: Gaming requires a multitude of multi-key action and Logitech has taken this to the next level by allowing you to engage up to five keys simultaneously with the awesome multi-key input functionality.  This makes your gaming experience much easier than a conventional gaming keyboard.
  • Powerful USB Ports: There are two high-powered USB ports located on the back of the keyboard to allow you to connect high-speed devices such as a laser mouse or an innovative headset that requires a high speed connection.

You can run the Logitech G19 on any PC equipped with Windows XP or Windows Vista or a Mac OS X 10.4 or later.  You should also have at least 20 MB of hard disk space available and a CD-ROM drive.

I especially like the handy switch that disables the Windows key so you do not get cut short from your game and the nifty mute button.  Whether you are engaging in battle or some other serious gaming activity the Logitech G19 is an awesome gaming enhancement which will make your gaming experience a lot more efficient and easy going.  I had to spend some time searching for a great deal due to the price of the keyboard and found one right here

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