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Recently I was watching television and my remote control completely died on the spot.  I thought it was the batteries so I replaced them but to no avail.  It was as if I had dropped the remote control in a pool of water because nothing would function on it.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong until I decided in the time it takes to figure out the problem I could be in the market looking for a new remote control.

I planned on replacing the remote control with the same exact one until I went searching and to my amazement found some very next generation remote controls which had more functionality than mine and were much easier to use.  I spent a lot of time test running different types of remote controls until I discovered the Logitech Harmony One.  I was so in awe of this remote control I decided to share my Logitech Harmony One review so others could benefit from this cool device.

logitech harmony one

Ergonomic Design with Touch Screen 

The Logitech Harmony One has a very cool ergonomic design which feels comfortable in the palm of your hand and is easy to use.  The ergonomic design provides special shaping to allow easy access to functions and also includes nifty sculpted buttons with backlighting so you can easily find the controls.  What I also liked was the fact that you never have to purchase batteries since the Logitech Harmony One is completely rechargeable and comes with a convenient recharging stand and a lithium-ion battery.

I was completely floored by the color touch screen which made my old remote look like a dinosaur.  The color touch screen offers one-touch easy access to all of your entertainment devices and multimedia.  I felt like the touch screen was doing my thinking for me because it was so easy and convenient to use.

Compatibility with Other Existing Devices 

The Logitech Harmony One remote controls are designed to work with a wide variety of devices and are capable of learning the IR codes from existing remote controls.  The remote has support from more than 5000 brands to allow you to control existing entertainment devices with room left over for the devices you will likely purchase in the future.

There are different models of Harmony One remote controls. Depending upon which one you have you can take advantage of the Logitech Harmony One RF Wireless Extender which will provide your remote control with the ability to control all of your devices through radio frequency instead of an infrared signal.

If you are a gaming enthusiast you can add the Logitech Harmony One PS3 adapter to your arsenal of controls.  The adapter is very efficient when it comes to IR commands and delivering the necessary Bluetooth commands to the PS3.  The adaptor is quite responsive with full power control and XMB navigation.  What I also liked was the lag time was absent from IR to USB and there was no need to reprogram if you unplug the device and then plug it back in. 

Easy Configuration 

I decided to get the Logitech Harmony One and found that the setup is a breeze.  If you are not tech savvy this is not a problem since the guided setup that is provided online makes it easy for non-techies.  You simply set up the remote by connecting it to your PC and then access the Web-based application to enter the information for the types of entertainment devices you currently own.  Once you have entered all of the information you will be walked through the setup process for each entertainment activity such as “Watch TV” or “Play Games.”

Once I set up the Logitech Harmony One remote I couldn’t believe that you could simply press the activity button and start participating in the activity you chose.  This is so much easier when compared to my old remote where you had to change the Input then switch to the activity, activate the entertainment device supplying the activity, and engage in a few other steps before you could enjoy the activity.  The Logitech Harmony One does all of this for you with one touch.

Using the Logitech Harmony One 

The functionality and ease of use of this remote control is beyond amazing with the addition of the color touch screen function and number of function buttons which are positioned along the side of the unit.  The touch screen contains several pages of functions which you can customize the remote to your liking and if anything isn’t working properly there is a Help button that you can tap into to correct the issue.  Once you press the Help button you have access to extensive information and great troubleshooting procedures.

There is also a nifty “Options” and “Devices” feature which is located at the bottom of the touch screen.  These features allow you to run tutorials or select any of your individual entertainment devices to control it directly.  All of the controls from your old remote are also located under this feature and if they are missing you can access the Web-based application to add them. 

The Verdict 

Although you could spend much more on a high end remote, the Logitech Harmony One is easier to use since it does not look like an oversized PDA unit.  Instead it fits comfortably in your hand and is designed for easy access to the controls.

The Logitech Harmony One price is quite reasonable for all of the functions you are getting and the conveniences which are included in the device plus you can take advantage of the mail-in-rebate deal to reduce the price.  I found a great deal with a rebate here

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