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When I started the research for this article on the Makimon Digital Camera Battery Charger, I was overwhelmed with the number of sources and options available.  You could literally spend hours searching if you do not know what charger would be compatible with your camera.

The key to finding your  Makimon digital camera battery charger is knowing what type of Makimon digital camera you own.  There are different types of cameras and therefore even more options when it comes to batteries and chargers.  You must ensure that the digital camera battery you buy is compatible and suitable to your needs.

Luckily there are websites that have recognized the problems you face and have provided a solution that should help.


This company provides third party chargers that rival the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) chargers, plus the carry the added benefit of warranties that are longer than the original Makimon chargers.

In addition to providing the same quality output, third party chargers can be a lot cheaper as well.

Choosing The Right Charger For You

By following the steps below, you would be able to find the Makimon digital camera battery charger most suited to your device.

  • Select your category – chargers
  • Select digital camera chargers as your device
  • Choose your digital camera brand which would be Makimon in this case
  • Choose the battery part number which would be MK
  • OR you can search by model which in this case is AAA

You would be presented with a list of digital camera batteries that are compatible with the Makimon MK digital camera.  To find the Makimon digital camera battery charger you would have to scroll down the right hand column that says ‘Recommended Accessories’.

The batteries are presented first because you would need to know which batteries are compatible with your camera and once that is done you can purchase the Makimon digital camera battery charger to match.

Another website with very good prices is  Volt Depot.  I liked this site because it has a comprehensive database that you can search to find specific Makimon digital camera battery chargers that are guaranteed to meet your needs.  Everything is in one place; all you need to do is select your options from a drop down list.  By following the link above this would take you direct to the Makimon battery charger result page.

The best way to choose your charger is to look at the following information and see which is relevant to you:

  • Voltage
  • Amp Hours
  • The connector tip

(If searching on AtBatt, they recommend that the above three must match and the charger must show as compatable with your camera type)

  • How long it takes to charge your batteries (e.g. some can Charge NiCD in 5 hours, NiMH in 8 hours and 9V in 14 hours)
  • Universal or Standard (Universals can charge different battery combinations e.g. AA, AAA, C, D and 9V)

If you follow the general guideline outlined in this article, you should be able to find the Makimon digital camera battery charger that exactly suits your needs in a shorter space of time.

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