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ps3 slimThe new PlayStation 3 slim went on sale yesterday for a price of $299 in the US, €299 in Europe and £249 in the UK. The console has been redesigned and the new slim version is 33% smaller than the old one and 36% lighter. It is also quieter because it uses less energy and it packs a 120 GB hard drive. The outer shell has been given a matte finish and they’ve changed the logo.

The PS3 is easily the best console of this generation and the new slim model retains the original features that make it such a great machine, adds a few bits and pieces and is being offered up at a reduced price. How can you resist?

Just in case you need more persuasion. It supports Wi-Fi out of the box, it can play Blu-ray discs at full high definition 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution via an HDMI connection and you can access the internet on it. You can play games and meet friends in the virtual world of PlayStation Home and you can buy games via the PlayStation Store. They are also set to add a video on demand service so you’ll be able to watch the latest movies via your PS3.

ps3 slim frontThe functionality of the PS3 is unrivalled and Sony is actually selling them at a loss in order to try and capture a bigger market share. The fact the machine doubles up as a Blu-ray player is a serious bonus and the development of their web services makes the PS3 increasingly attractive as a home entertainment solution. The Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 are just gaming consoles.

This release is liable to narrow the gap between Sony and their rivals. This kind of competition is great for consumers and in response to the new PS3 slim and reduced price point Microsoft have dropped the price of their Xbox 360 range. The 120 GB Xbox 360 Elite is also now $299. I would still recommend the PS3 though.

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