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Nintendo’s Wii has certainly taken the gaming world by storm, and in large part because of the company’s decision to sellNintendo Wii bundles. What are bundles? Well, they are basically what they sound like.

To get people excited about the product and able to use it right away at home, Nintendo is selling its gaming system complete with absolutely everything you could need to get the most out of your gaming experience.

What do Nintendo Wii bundles include? For the most part they include the system itself, extra controls, extra memory cards and (perhaps most important) a smattering of games intended for use on the Nintendo Wii. Sounds easy, right? Just take the bundle home, install it and start playing.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy. Nintendo Wii bundles can be a little difficult to find and, when you find them, you have to be sure you’re satisfied with what you get. Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin your Wii journey.

  1. Tracking down the Nintendo Wii: The bad news is that it’s not so easy to find the gaming system either online or at your local store. The good news is that a number of enterprising individuals have used this as an opportunity to create Wii tracking sites, where you can identify where Wii’s might be available either through online outlets or in your local area. Some options to consider are iTrackr and Wii Tracker. If you’re having trouble, even with the tracking systems, consider an online auction service like EBay, where many merchants are selling new or like new systems.
  1. Choosing the components of your Nintendo Wii bundles: Some online retailers allow you to mix and match the different components you want in your bundles. You can either choose a basic package, with the console itself and a few games that you select, or you can mix and match additional components for additional fees. WalMart refers to this as a “Customer Choice Bundle” and it’s one of the most popular bundles out there.
  1. Know What Your Bundle Includes: In some stores, you may find that a “customer choice bundle” isn’t available, and you’ll just have to take the package that the store has to offer. In these cases, be sure you understand what’s included so you’ll have a sense of what you might need to purchase separately in order to truly enjoy your gaming experience.

As you’re looking at these options you might be wondering whether buying a bundle is really a better deal than buying all the components separately. Have no fear! It really is a better option to purchase Nintendo Wii bundles as opposed to each piece of the system separately. You’ll be able to “plug and play” right away instead of spending hours at the store buying games, controllers and other critical components.

In short, Nintendo wii bundles make sense for both Nintendo and the consumer – a win-win for all!

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