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If you’ve been going to the stores and trying to find the best priced Wii, you might be experiencing some sticker shock. The prices are not going down in the stores, which is why some people think they cannot afford one. Thankfully, though, the internet has opened up doors for those who normally would not have the cash to buy something like a Wii. Even though the Wii price in the stores is high, there are places you can look online that will offer a discount from time to time.

While you might not be able to find a deal on a daily basis, it is good to know the sites that offer a fair Nintendo Wii price in most cases. While prices may fluctuate, you can still find a fair deal if you know where to look and you have patience.



The auction giant has seen its share of the consoles, and because of that, you can count on finding some prices that are reasonable. While there is not a set Wii price on EBay, you can join the bidding war and find one that will make you happy. You have a good shot of paying below retail price when you visit EBay and start bidding.

In addition, a lot of the consoles on EBay also have extras included with them. You might get a sports package, or some games. You can save a great deal when you go this route.

The best method for using EBay is to keep an eye out for the different auctions. Once an auction begins, watch to see how many bidders there are. Try to find an auction that is slow and then jump in and see if you can secure a Wii at a great deal.



Amazon can’t be left out when there are deals to be had. If you want to find a Nintendo Wii price you can live with, you might find it on Amazon. Amazon does not just sell directly from retailers. They also act as a broker of used items. You can find some great deals if you venture over the used section.

Amazon has one of the best used sections online. You can look at the seller’s rating and then purchase a used Wii at a decent price.



While Overstock might not have the lowest Nintendo Wii price on the market, they still offer a good price. They don’t sell individual consoles, but they sell consoles with games and other accessories included. When you look at all you get for the price, you realize you are getting a very good deal.

If you are looking for some extras with your Wii, this is a good site to visit. They have many different packages to choose from, so you can get a console with the extras you want.

The Bottom Line

Wiis are hot right now, so it’s going to be hard to find them at bargain prices. You can find some good prices, though, if you put some time and effort into it. While no one is giving them away, there are some places that are cutting prices.

The internet has changed prices for the better. It offers greater competition, which then leads to greater deals. Because of that, you can search online and find some fair prices on this hot item.

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