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Up until now I was using an old home theater system that has been with me for quite some time.  I was really unaware how outdated it was until I went shopping with friends and had the opportunity to experience some of the home theatre systems that are currently on the market.  As I reviewed the demonstration in the electronics store I was in awe of what I experienced and after looking at several systems I settled on the Onkyo TX-SR707 Home Theater Receiver and I am really glad I did.  Not only was there a significant upgrade from my old receiver but there are some incredible features in the unit as well.

Onkyo TX-SR707 Design

onkyo tx-sr707

This device has a very high tech bold looking design and looks great in the center of my home entertainment system. The front of the unit looks quite busy with all of the button features and you can access the connect options from the front which prevents you from having to constantly reach around the back.  All of the functions are clearly labeled with many reputable technology credits lined along the bottom.

There is also an easy to view on screen remote configuration menu which makes it easy to understand and use all of the configuration options.  This is one of the features which separate the Onkyo TX-SR707 from other receivers on the market.

The unit is also certified by THX as THX Select Plus which is a certification that is very difficult to earn and only applies to a few select pieces of technology.

User-Friendly Features

I am especially impressed with the Onkyo TX-SR707 because of the wealth of audio and video features that helped it to earn the THX Select2 Plus certification. Looking at the receiver from the connectivity side, it boasts six HDMI 1.3a inputs which are capable of handling all of your high definition sources while transferring video signals to the 1080p Onkyo TX-SR707 Faroudja DCDi Cinema.

The video upscaling to the Faroudja Cinema processor provides many advantages for home viewing entertainment.  By using Onkyo TX-SR707 processing it can accept any video signal with any source resolution for your high definition display.  It also removes any distortion in the video such as jagged edges to provide a great viewing experience with a seamless progressive scan of video images including action movies and sports.  Thanks to the Onkyo TX-SR707 video upconversion it removes all of the old distortions that usually come with viewing videos.

The surround sound feature is exceptional thanks to the quality audio that is produced by Onkyo TX-SR707 Dolby TrueHD and Onkyo TX-SR707 DTS-HD Master Audio which processes 1080p video and high definition surround sound via HDMI 1.3a.  The 1.3a coupled with advanced processing features provide a very powerful AV control center.

The Audyssey Dynamic EQ also provides extreme quality and can handle high volumes of sound while preventing distortion so the sound quality is crystal clear. The Audyssey system works with Dolby Pro Logic II to allow you to set up a state-of-the-art home speakers in your 7.1 channel home theater system.  With the Audyssey system you can set up front wide speakers to replace the conventional rear speakers so your living area is like a realistic soundstage and the Audyssey DSX can reconfigure the surround rear channels to deliver front height channels.  The advantage of this is that the channels can then produce non-directional audio sound that adds an enveloping effect to your viewing or gaming experience.

When you add the impressive six HDMI inputs that can handle Blu-ray disc players, gaming consoles, and other types of technology, this completes the entire home entertainment experience.

Onscreen Setup

Setting up the Onkyo TX-SR707 is a breeze with the preprogrammed RI remote control which works with the onscreen setup and Macro presets for four different activities.  The remote control allows you to easily configure and control all of the devices that are connected to the TX-SR707 receiver.  You simply select the device from the onscreen menu and then configure the settings for each device.

Thanks to Macro presets you can program four activity modes so you can watch your favorite movie with a click of the mode key LED on the remote control.  For example, if you have a favorite movie on DVD you can use the Macro preset to turn on the receiver and the DVD player to start playing your movie automatically.


This is an especially nifty feature that is located on the back of the Onkyo TX-SR707 receiver and allows you to connect an option Universal Port-AI dock so you can use your iPod.  The port is capable of accepting video and audio through a single cable connection that transfers power from the receiver to the connected devices.

There is also an endless list of advanced features on the Onkyo TX-SR707 that are too numerous to mention, some of which include push-pull amplification design, Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-bit DAC which improves jitter performance for clearer sound, and dual subwoofer pre outs, to name a few great things.

Overall the Onkyo TX-SR707 is an outstanding receiver for your home theater system and it is hard to find another unit that surpasses the performance of this system.  This unit gets the thumbs up from me and packs a lot of advantages with a retail price of around $900.  The truth is that I didn’t pay that much for mine.  After extensive research I found a great deal on the Onkyo TX-SR707 here

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