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I knew that when it comes to upconversion of DVDs that Blu-ray was the way to go however, I decided to wait for a while to see what develops in the Blu-ray advancements in technology.  I am glad I did because as I was recently looking at a number of different Blu-ray disc players on the market I was fortunate enough to discover the Panasonic DMP-BD80 which offers significant upgrades from the previous BD55 model.  A few of the features sold me on this unit and now I am the proud owner of a Blu-ray disc player that more than adequately serves my entertainment needs. Here is a Panasonic DMP BD80 Blu-ray Disc Player review that highlights what I found impressive about this BD55 upgrade:


Internet Capability

This was number one on my list when I first discovered that the Panasonic DMP-BD80 kept all of the cool features of the BD55 while upgrading to Internet connectivity.  Now you can access and view content directly from your home Internet connection thanks to VIERA Cast while enjoying high end Dolby sound and DTS sound formats from the BD55 model.  I loved the fact that I could enjoy all of my Internet activities including movies on demand from Netflix through the Panasonic DMP-BD80 home cinema.

Panasonic DMP BD80 Firmware Updates

I especially like the easy setup wizard that you are presented with when you fire up the Panasonic BMP BD80 which allows you to easily connect the unit to your home network and establish an HDMI connection.  When you switch on the Automatic Update Check in the Firmware Update menu you are automatically notified when the next release becomes available and the update process is quick and easy.

Panasonic DMP BD80 Dolby TrueHD

More often than not the HDTV picture quality is way ahead of the sound systems that are installed on the unit which makes you wish that the sound was as impressive as the picture quality.  This is the reason I really love the Dolby True HD that is included on the Panasonic DMP BD80.  This feature takes complete advantage of the Blu-ray capabilities thanks to the 7.1 channel playback and produces full audio capability that is almost identical to the master recording.  This is a significant enhancement when it comes to experiencing special effects that places you in the center of the action just like a real movie theatre experience.

Also, the Panasonic DMP BD80 DTS HD Master Audio stream supports a variety of speaker configurations as well as higher sampling frequencies and multiple bit depths.  The advantage of this is that the full audio capability can hold variable data rates up to 24.5 Mbps for Blu-ray and up to 18.0 Mbps for the high definition DVD format resulting in an unmatched surround sound quality.

Awesome Multimedia Capability

When it comes to multimedia for the Panasonic DMP BD80 I cannot think of anything this player cannot do.  It holds a USB flash drive of up to 128GB which can easily be connected from the front of the unit and it supports an SD or SDHC Memory Card as well as AVCHD movie files and MPEG2 movies.  You can also play MP3 and DivX files from DVD-R and I still haven’t completed the entire list of other features that are available.  Online videos such as YouTube are not crystal clear but the picture quality is much improved through Blu-ray.

In a nutshell the audio and video performance of the Panasonic DMP BD80 is quite impressive and the variety of media options is awesome.  Although the VIERA Cast is still limited it still represents a breakthrough in media technology.  The main selling point of this unit is Internet connectivity and the readily accessible USB port not to mention all of the benefits from the BD55 model.  Although the Panasonic DMP BD80 retails for around $300 you can find it for considerably less money here

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