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The Philips keychain digital camera is a small digital camera with a very small price, so if you’re budget & size conscious then you don’t need to look any further.

At an average cost of $20, you can purchase this camera and enjoy the benefits that a device this small can provide.

So What Can You Do With The Philips Keychain Digital Camera?

In terms of camera capabilities, I think you do get a lot for the $20 price.

  • You can store up to 81 photos on the 2MB internal memory
  • You can record AVI videos
  • The  Philips keychain digital camera can be used as web cam
  • You can enjoy up to 288 x 352 pixels image resolution
  • There is a 10 second self timer
  • The camera can be used with the included USB cable
  • You can digitally enhance your photos by using the included imaging software
  • The manufacture provides a lifetime guarantee
  • Only one AAA battery is needed to operate the camera
  • Once you read the instructions the camera is very easy to use

In order to get maximum benefit from the Philips keychain digital camera you must have the following minimum system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Pentium Processor
  • 64MB Ram
  • 50MB free hard drive space
  • Available USB port and CD drive

These are not bad features for a camera that can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

There are some areas however that are not up to standard and could have been better.

  • Philips could have included a flash.  Where it would fit I do not know but it would have been useful when taking pictures at night or indoors.
  • If you use the camera frequently, the battery would die in about three days.  If you have a universal battery charger you can benefit from using a rechargeable battery.  I wouldn’t recommend buying the charger and battery kit just for use with the Philips keychain digital camera because the kit costs more than the camera.
  • If your battery dies on you, the cameras memory would be wiped out.  If you transfer your photos to your computer before that happens, no problem, you just need to remember to transfer the photos if you don’t want to lose them.
  • The view finder is quite small and you may have to take many shots to capture the image you want.  The viewfinder often shows one area but when the photo is taken, that area does not match what you see in the viewfinder.

The general consensus is that these cameras are good stocking fillers for children or adults who require ok starter photos.  This is an inexpensive way for children to express their creativity through photography.  For most adults the camera would not satisfy their needs.

The plastic and metal feel may not appeal to you, but remember, the camera is only $20 so don’t expect state of the art design and technology.

If you want more professional shots the Philips keychain digital camera is not for you.  You would be better off spending some extra money for a better camera with more megapixels, a flash and a longer battery life.

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