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My car was in the shop recently and I asked a friend for a ride to go pick it up.  When he arrived to collect me I got in the car and was astounded by what I saw.  He had all of his multimedia plugged in separately with an iPod here and a DVD player there; some of the units were not connected, and so on.  I literally had to move everything so I had a place to sit.  My friend apologized for the confusion and said that this is the only way he can travel with all of his media.  I laughed at him and asked him if he knew if there was an easier way and he replied “no.”

He knows that I am a technology and electronics guru so I mentioned that I saw a unit on the market recently that does it all and will clear all of the clutter he had built up in his car.  He replied, “No way!” and I said, “Yes way!”  So I told him to follow me to the electronics store in the mall after I picked up my vehicle.

When we arrived at the electronics store I directed him to the area where the multimedia receivers for cars were located.  I knew Pioneer is a reputable brand so we headed over to one of their models.  I went through the unit to show my friend what it could do and he was amazed.  Here is a Pioneer AVH P4000DVD review of some of the things I pointed out to my friend:

pioneer avh p4000dvd dvd receiver with usb input

Pioneer AVH P4000DVD DVD Receiver with USB Input

I showed my friend that he could turn his car into a mobile entertainment center minus the clutter by pointing out the in-dashDIN which is connector that conforms to many different standards for network equipment, a DVD Multimedia AV Receiver with an amazing 6.1 inch Pioneer AVH P4000DVD display with widescreen capability, and USB Input Direct Control which connects your USB music player directly to the CD tuner via an optional cable. The USB Direct Control allows you to have multiple devices connected at the same time to one unit which was perfect for solving my friend’s dilemma.  It is also designed for unlimited future expandability to connect other media players and USB devices.

There is also DivX support which allows you to view DVD movies with the same image quality only at 1/10 the size, a built-in amplifier, Pioneer AVH P4000DVD video capability with music and video playback, as well as a wide genre of options included for future expansion.  What’s more is you can navigate through all of your media and system settings through the convenient touchscreen with customization capability to put your favorite features at your fingertips.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The Pioneer AVH P4000DVD DVD receiver with USB input is equipped with a really nifty Bluetooth wireless adapter for use with Bluetooth cell phones so you can talk on the phone safely and hands-free.  You can operate your phone with the microphone for the head unit as well as through your car’s speaker system.  I was really impressed with the automatic mute on the system which will mute your entertainment system if you have an incoming call or you make an outgoing call.

Advanced Multimedia Functions

The DVD player in the Pioneer AVH P4000DVD DVD receiver with USB input is equipped with comprehensive features that allow you to view DVD movies if you have to sit in the car and wait. It is also possible to connect a DVD screen in the back seat for your passengers to watch while you are on the road.  The A/V input allows you to plug in video games and you can use the iPod Direct Control to operate your iPod menus and functions right from the touchscreen.

My friend thought the rear view camera was a really nifty feature which allows you to see where you are backing up with full screen capability.  This is a really convenient feature if you are trying to move around in really tight areas.

Pioneer AVH P4000DVD Bypass

Depending upon the type of car you have with some model cars the Pioneer AVH P4000DVD Receiver has difficulty with the DVD function when you install it.  In some cars the DVD fails to work if there is a really tight compartment in the dash.  You can easily get around the Pioneer AVH P4000DVD monitor problem by integrating a four dollar bypass switch which you can obtain from your local electronics store.

Pioneer AVH P4000DVD Manual

The Pioneer AVH P4000DVD Receiver comes with an easy to use manual included with purchase.  You can also download it in PDF format from the Pioneer website.  The manual goes into specific details which are backed by illustrations so every detail is clear and easy to follow.  The first page goes through how to connect the units as well as the parts that are supplied with a page the follows up with complete diagrams on how to install the unit and the wiring involved.

For everything you are getting for the price the Pioneer AVH P4000DVD Receiver is a great buy and when you add the optional equipment such as the iPod adapter and the Bluetooth adapter you have a high end entertainment system installed in your car minus a navigation system which seems to be the only thing missing here.  Although my friend was sold on it right away I decided to shop around to see if I could find the best price.  After doing some homework I found a great deal on it right here

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