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Whichever PS2 games you are into, having PS2 game guides usually gives you enough information to play at the games maximum capabilities. Well I have searched the Internet and have produced the top five websites for PS2 game guides.

First up…


Finding your way around this site is quite easy. Once you enter the PS2 section, all the most popular games guides are listed for you. If your game is not shown in the list, you’ll have to choose the letter your game begins with for the full list to be displayed and choose your game from there.

The guides are really comprehensive and packed with info, so you can equip yourself with all the knowledge you need to defeat your opponents.


This is another pretty good site. Your PS2 game guides can be accessed by choosing your game from the alphabetical list at the bottom of the page. When your game screen loads, there is a summary bar at the top from which you can choose from ’secrets’ to ‘unlockables’. The list is quite good, so you should find everything you need on this website.

Video Games

At this site once you choose your game you are presented with ‘walkthroughs’ (PS2 Game Guides) to guide you through the functions and possibilities of your game in question. Simply click the walkthrough you require and you’re all set.

Wonder Dog

The guides on this site are really cool. What I liked most is that you can choose your region. This way you know that the guide applies to your country. You are required to‘donate’ $2.50 before you can access‘The ONLY game walkthrough

and cheat code site you will ever need!’ If this is the case, then the $2.50 should be worth it.

Videogame Central

This site is very interesting in that you have to pay for all the guides and cheats. Now I have no idea what’s in the cheats or guides, because I would not be paying for information that is provided freely in the previous websites. None the less I included this site last. (On the off chance that you do want to part with $15 – $20).

And there it is, PS2 Game Guides for you to use and enjoy.

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