Ah, the Play Station 2. Who doesn’t enjoy spending a few minutes (or hours) with this gaming device? But if you want to get the most out of your PS2, the true enthusiast will look in to options for PS2 magazines.

Of the PS2 magazines out there, one of the most well known was, of course, Sony’s Official Play Station Magazine. “Was” is the operative word here. The print version of the magazine has been discontinued. However, you can find a great deal of content in their online version. Provided by the publishers Ziff-Davis, the Official Playstation Magazine site provides feature stories of the latest goings-on in the Sony world, reviews of games, podcasts and links to gamers clubs.

There is also a UK version of the Official Playstation 2 magazine dedicated solely to the PS2 platform. While pricey for anyone outside of the UK, it boasts the latest reviews and cheats. Each magazine also comes with a DVD that includes demos of the latest games and trailers of upcoming releases. The magazines affiliation with Sony keeps them up to date on the latest in PS games.

Other options for PS2 magazines include Play Station Magazine, or PSM. They offer themselves up as the “Independent” Playstation magazine and a viable alternative to the official playstation site. Here you’ll find previews of games on their way to the market place, indepth coverage of some of the most popular games, and features such as PSP homebrews.

For the uninitiated, home brews are the enterprising cheats and hacks that hard core gamers have discovered on their own. The magazine’s website offers a blog with links to important PS2 topics, including game reviews and interviews with developers. Oh, and don’t miss out on their MySpace page.

Although not limited to PS2 (or even the Play Station platform), if you’re looking for PS2 magazines you should consider Play Magazine. They look at all aspects of the Play world, including games, anime, media and the cutting edge of gaming in Japan. At the online site you’ll find reviews of the latest PS2 games (as well as older content), editor blogs and access to Playback, their online streaming music player, with access to music, podcasts and interviews.

And no review of PS2 magazine would be complete without a consideration of GamePro, which identifies itself as the place “where gamers go first.” In addition to providing the usual host of reviews, previews and features, GamePro offers insights into the gaming industry with stories about who is at the helm in key gaming companies (and who is on the outs). Their list of cheats and FAQs for popular games is extensive, and their site boasts access to experts in all the major gaming platforms (including the PS2).

Anyone looking to expand their knowledge of and fun with the latest video gaming platforms, including the Ps2, will find these Ps2 magazines useful. Of course, you’ll have to spend some time away from your Ps2 to read your magazine – but the time spent when you return will be that much more enjoyable and productive!