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Have you ever wanted to give your Sony PSP a different look? Something that identifies it as uniquely yours? If so, you might want to consider downloading some PSP themes and post them on your device. In fact, go ahead and download more than one so that you can match your mood!

What are PSP Themes?

Much like your regular desktop computer, it is possible to change the look of the screen your Sony PSP. You do this by downloading any number of PSP Themes and posting them as the background image on your device. Then, when you turn on your favorite gadget, you’ll find an image that more accurately reflects you. In essence, you PSP has become even more personalized.

Where Can I Find PSP Themes?

A number of different websites offer PSP themes. Here are a few to check out:

  • PSP-Themes.net: At this site you’ll find literally hundreds of PSP themes for download, including a number of “official” themes from the Sony corporation. Theme categories include Nature, Comics, Film / TV, Games, Sports, Music and more! For example, you can download a package of PSP themes that feature Star Wars characters or your favorite sports team.
  • PSP-themes.org: If you’re hungry, this can be a great site to download PSP themes. Last time we stopped by there were Fried Egg themes, Potato Chip themes and Oreo themes. On second thought, you might put on a few pounds if you use these PSP themes.
  • EZPSPThemes: Another great site for downloading high quality PSP themes is EZ PSP Themes. They have almost a thousand themes available for free download. If you can’t find something that expresses your personality here, you might be in trouble.
  • PSPThemeCentral.com: Finally, if you’re looking for PSP themes related to your favorite video games, PSP Theme Central is a great site for downloading the best free themes. From Final Fantasy to Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, they’ve got it all here.

How Do I Use PSP Themes?

It’s relatively easy to put a new PSP theme on your device. Fortunately, there are a number of videos online that will help you figure out how to do this. To find them, go to YouTube and search on the phrase PSP themes. Many people have put together videos offering a step-by-step overview.

What Should I Look Out For With PSP Themes?

The main thing to be concerned about is the possibility of a downloaded theme “bricking” your PSP. What does “bricking” mean? Basically, it means that when you upload the theme, it will make our PSP completely useless — you guessed it, like a brick. That’s why whenever you decide to try to post a PSP theme on to your device you should always back up all the information on your PSP first. That way, if you have to perform a hard reset and/or wipe the information on the PSP, you won’t lose anything.

PSP themes, when properly uploaded to your device, can be a great way to make your PSP your own. So go ahead — express yourself!

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